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put on a (good, poor, etc.) show

To attempt, do, or perform something to the degree specified before "show." Every year just before Christmas, the city carolers put on a wonderful show in front of city hall. Though they were heavily favored to win, the team put on a pretty poor show.
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weird and wonderful

1. adjective Having an unusual or strange appearance or design, but ingenious, attractive, or desirable nonetheless. The festival celebrates the weird and wonderful car designs not seen by many in the mainstream market.
2. noun That which has such a strange likability. I love this shop—they seem to specialize in the weird and wonderful.
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(I'm) having a wonderful time; wish you were here.

Cliché a catchphrase that is thought to be written onto postcards by people who are away on vacation. John wrote on all his cards, "Having a wonderful time; wish you were here." And he really meant it too. "I'm having a wonderful time; wish you were here," said Tom, speaking on the phone to Mary, suddenly feeling very insincere.
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put on a good, poor, wonderful, etc. show

make a good, poor, etc. attempt at doing something, especially in spite of difficulties: Considering that the children had no help, they put on a marvellous show.
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weird and wonderful

clever and attractive, but unusual or strange: People were wearing all sorts of weird and wonderful clothes.
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There may be some resistance from the clinical staff to using Wonderfully Made techniques because they may be unfamiliar with them, or they appear to challenge traditional labor and delivery practices.
These wonderfully imaginative juxtapositions transform our perceptions of seventeenth-century Dutch paintings into visions both more strange, and less.
Vermont Maple Cookie Company has added yet another fabulous vegan cookie to their wonderfully tasty line of treats.
MANITOBA OPERA's PRESENTATION OF RANDOLPH Peters' Nosferatu was a wonderfully successful and in many ways remarkable event.
Its usefulness in the population field is wonderfully illustrated in the story Werner Fornos, president of the Population Institute, told us in his acceptance speech for the 1991 Humanist of the Year Award.
Andrew Quicke, Professor of Cinema-Television at Regent University, where the festival was held, said, "The Dance is all that we could hope for in a modern romance; a great cast of three couples whose acting is faultless, an unusually intelligent script and wonderfully romantic cinematography.
The inside decor is wonderfully Provencal, w/bright yellow & blue Sole ado fabrics & wall art.
This is the wonderfully dark reallife story of the ultimately tragic, relationship of eccentric millionaire John Eleuthere du Pont (Carell) and the two wrestler brothers he funds and trains for the 1998 Seoul Olympics.
With new quilts being less about dark and dreary and more about colour confidence, you'll find the contents of this book an excellent way of stitching up ideas and showing how to discover this wonderfully rewarding craft.
REV (BBC2, Monday) ended its wonderfully funny, wonderfully low-key, first series this week - and I hope, and fully expect, there will be a second.
Little mouse Spindle's best birthday present was not the boat, not the new teddy, but a wonderfully warm and cosy jumper, lovingly knitted by Grandma in the most brilliant stripes of scarlet, orange, green and violet.
Written and wonderfully illustrated by Sara Desmet, Scared Silly is a picturebook adventure about three animal friends in a dark and scary forest.
Nicely illustrated with black-and-white photos, along with the occasional VW cartoon, "Volkswagen: History To Hobby" includes 550 historical VW dates; some 402 VW magazine ads; 50 VW television commercials; 65 fun hobby facts about the VW; 40 movies starring VWs; 100 'Herbie The Love Bug' movie and book facts; 470 VW owner personalized license plates; year to year changes of the VW Beetle since 1945; the great VW buses beginning in 1949; and so very many more 'infobits' about these wonderfully distinctive cars and the company that made them.
Emphasizing mystical and contemplative practices that engage all senses in worship and prayer, Philokalia is wonderfully made fully accessible to professional theologians and lay Christians and spiritualists alike.