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put on a (good, poor, etc.) show

To attempt, do, or perform something to the degree specified before "show." Every year just before Christmas, the city carolers put on a wonderful show in front of city hall. Though they were heavily favored to win, the team put on a pretty poor show.
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weird and wonderful

1. adjective Having an unusual or strange appearance or design, but ingenious, attractive, or desirable nonetheless. The festival celebrates the weird and wonderful car designs not seen by many in the mainstream market.
2. noun That which has such a strange likability. I love this shop—they seem to specialize in the weird and wonderful.
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(I'm) having a wonderful time; wish you were here.

Cliché a catchphrase that is thought to be written onto postcards by people who are away on vacation. John wrote on all his cards, "Having a wonderful time; wish you were here." And he really meant it too. "I'm having a wonderful time; wish you were here," said Tom, speaking on the phone to Mary, suddenly feeling very insincere.
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put on a good, poor, wonderful, etc. show

make a good, poor, etc. attempt at doing something, especially in spite of difficulties: Considering that the children had no help, they put on a marvellous show.
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weird and wonderful

clever and attractive, but unusual or strange: People were wearing all sorts of weird and wonderful clothes.
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Shellfish like prawns and mussels work wonderfully.
Tapestry is no bigger than 10-1 for the Guineas and 14-1 for the Oaks, while Wonderfully is a general 33-1 for both Classics.
The second session of Wonderfully Made recognizes that, in life there is Divine ongoing presence.
There's lots of wonderfully cruel British humor--one bride-to-be gets rhino-plasty that leaves her nose even worse than it was before--but the movie veers from bitter laughs to the soppiest sentimentality.
Jane Gordam's novel Old Filth is the remarkable tale of Sir Edward "Filth" Feathers and a wonderfully entertaining account of his life and times as a part of England's sometimes eccentric legal system.
And what film buff would go to an ordinary megaplex when history and urban development blend so wonderfully at the ArcLight Cinemas?
We have fantastic views," Ramirez says, "and wonderfully spacious studios.
The wonderfully diverse neighborhood of Chelsea is a terrific spot for chic restaurants," said Buslik.
Abetted wonderfully by drawings from the artist of the macabre, Gahan Wilson, this book is a guilty pleasure, pure and simple.
It was wonderfully highlighted for me by the two historical pieces regarding Thomas Jefferson ("Politics In The Pulpit: What Would Jefferson Do?
Mirren's Tennison is wonderfully complex and driven--ill at ease with office politics and personal relationships but suddenly alive leading a team of investigators in the hunt for a killer.
The natural history alone makes a wonderfully rich read, but the story begins when the expedition ends.
Pagels has written a turgid, academically questionable, wonderfully dry book.
The back cover features Father Robert Madden looking wonderfully avuncular appealing for donations--donations to support a college that allows a homosexual student organization while opposing its pro-life Catholic students.