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Waimea Country School students learn to be in charge of their own learning--to be thinkers, challengers, and wonderers.
Teachers have always been researchers, wonderers and experimenters.
Most children, in other words, do not become natural philosophers: early wonderers at the fact of the world, they are trained to forget the questions that have no clear answers.
It will be in Greenhead Park on Saturday, July 15, from 11am and the times on stage have now been confirmed with the names of the act in brackets: Joe Jive and the Wonderers (50s covers): 12.
CAIRO: Wigan Athletic striker Amr Zaki's first half penalty was enough to hand his team a 1-0 win over Bolton Wonderers in the Premiership on Sunday.
Bolton Wonderers and former Wales footballer Gary Speed, originally from Mancot near Hawarden, has also shown his support for the smoking ban.
Bill McGarry (left) celebrating victory over Manchester City in the 1974 League Cup Final with Wolverhampton Wonderers goalkeeper Gary Pierce
The event, at Greenhead Park on Saturday, July 15, also features rock n roll band Joe Jive and The Wonderers who will be blasting out a set of 1950s classics.
I played wing, centre or full back,'' he says, ``and I played for Cardiff,Newport,Monmouthshire, Penarth,Glamorgan Wonderers and Abertillery.
Rather than Wanderers, Wycombe's defence became wonderers as they started to ponder just where they were going to be breached next.
Fellow Premiership club Bolton Wonderers have gone a step further by providing players with a chill-out centre.