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Tarzan wondered what the purpose of this action might be.
Tarzan wondered what the chest they had buried contained.
He had often wondered at the exact purpose of the lamps.
Levin glanced once more at Turovtsin, and wondered how it was he had not realized all this man's goodness before.
Have you ever wondered that if Islam means peace, submission and obedience and the Taliban are Muslims why they murder and commit other atrocities in the name of Allah?
Have you ever wondered that if every time we think about going to war a universal draft would be implemented how many people would actually favor it?
Have you ever wondered how much the United States has actually spent thus far in Afghanistan in terms of lives and money in light of the fact that the federal government is noted for its "fuzzy math" when it comes to reporting facts and figures to the American public?
Enhanced with the addition of a 'Have You Ever Wondered.
We wondered if we could connect these kinds of events with a shape of life and words about faith for those we encountered in the walk of life.
We all wondered why he was there,'' the parent said.
I wondered if the FBI looked at my pictures, and whether they snickered too.
I wondered why my father, who'd gone to night school and become a teacher, could never get tenure.
The other part hid my interest from the girls at school, worried about looking "dykey," got straight A's on citizenship exams, and wondered if the government might just be right.