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Presently his keen eyes caught the faintest suspicion of smoke on the far northern horizon, and he wondered over the cause of such a thing out on the great water.
Tarzan wondered what the purpose of this action might be.
Tarzan wondered what the chest they had buried contained.
He had often wondered at the exact purpose of the lamps.
Yesterday we met a woman riding on a little jackass, and she had a little child in her arms-- honestly, I thought the child had goggles on as we approached, and I wondered how its mother could afford so much style.
I shall be glad to see them," she said flatly; and then wondered if she really would be glad.
Have you ever wondered that if Islam means peace, submission and obedience and the Taliban are Muslims why they murder and commit other atrocities in the name of Allah?
Enhanced with the addition of a 'Have You Ever Wondered.
We wondered if we could connect these kinds of events with a shape of life and words about faith for those we encountered in the walk of life.