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all able-bodied people

Anyone and everyone who is able to help or contribute to a cause in some way. I'm calling on all able-bodied men and women in the area to lend a hand restoring the local church this weekend.
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business woman

1. A woman who owns, manages, or is employed in a business. Though there's still a long way to go, the growing number of business women in today's economy is encouraging.
2. slang A female prostitute. It took me a minute to realize that the woman on the street corner was a business woman.
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the little woman

One's wife. John might be coming camping with us this weekend, but he has to run it by the little woman first.
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the little lady

One's wife. John might be coming camping with us this weekend, but he has to run it by the little lady first.
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a woman of her word

A woman who can be expected to keep or follow through with her promises or intentions; a truthful, trustworthy, or reliable person. (Masculine: "man of his word.") Bob, I'm a woman of my word. If I tell you I'll be at your house tomorrow morning at 10, then that's when I'll be there. I've found Mary to be a woman of her word so far, so I'm confident she'll get us the best deal possible.
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a man/woman of the people

A person who represents, understands, is in touch with, and is well liked by ordinary, everyday people. Often said of politicians or those who occupy positions of power, authority, or fame beyond that of the average person. The president was largely elected because she was seen as a woman of the people by voters. Now that she has taken office, her political mettle will truly be tested. The billionaire CEO has tried to remain a man of the people, spending his time working alongside entry-level employees and senior management alike.
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a man/woman on a mission

A person who is fiercely determined to do or get what he or she wants. Janet stormed into work like a woman on a mission, heading straight into her boss's office to demand a raise in her salary. When my boyfriend decides he wants to buy something, he turns into a man on a mission.
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a man/woman with a mission

A person who is fiercely determined to do or get what he or she wants. Janet stormed into work like a woman with a mission, heading straight into her boss's office to demand a raise in her salary. When my boyfriend decides he wants to buy something, he turns into a man with a mission.
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old woman

1. A mildly disparaging term for (one's) mother. (Variant of "old lady.") One second, I need to ring my old woman and tell her where we're going after school.
2. (One's) girlfriend, wife, or romantic partner. Jane's always having to check in with her old woman whenever she comes with us on a night out. My old woman and I have been putting aside some savings for a vacation in the Bahamas this summer.
3. An exceptionally fussy, timid, circumspect, or anxious person, especially a woman. Ah, don't be such an old woman. Come out with us this Friday and live a little!
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fallen woman

dated A woman who has lost respect because of engaging in premarital sex. Many cultures still consider females who engage in sex before they are married as fallen women and advise men against becoming involved with them.
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God's gift to women

A humorous or derisive phrase used to describe a man who sees himself as very attractive and appealing to women. Mark may think that he's God's gift to women, but I know that he hasn't been on a date in months! I can't stand these arrogant guys who keep coming up to me and acting like they're God's gift to women!
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kept woman

A woman who does not work and receives money and provisions from her romantic partner. She never had any desire to be a kept woman so she worked hard to pursue her career.
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woman of few words

A woman who does not speak often or at length. Despite being a woman of few words, Sarah was well-respected in her field because of her actions.
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woman of God

A woman who is devout in her belief in God. She is a woman of God who has devoted her life to serving others.
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woman of letters

A woman who is well-versed in literature and related scholarly pursuits. As a woman of letters, the professor could easily speak for hours on the works of Shakespeare.
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woman of many parts

A woman who is capable of doing many things. Ruth is a woman of many parts—she's a loving mother, a successful industry leader, and a great cook.
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woman of means

A wealthy woman. Her extravagant spending habits led everyone to believe that she was a woman of means.
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Renaissance man

One who possesses skills and knowledge in many different areas. Bob can fix cars, repair computers, and talk about anything from physics to philosophy. He's an all-around Renaissance man.
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self-made man

One who became successful and/or wealthy through hard work and not by inheritance or help from others. Joe is a self-made man who worked long, hard hours to turn his small business into a large, successful company.
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be (one's) own man/woman/person

To act, think, or work independently; to not accept or be swayed by outside influences. You can't just accept everything you read in the media—you have to be your own man. When I was younger, I would do anything my friends were doing, but I'm my own person now. You won't be able to manipulate her—she's really her own woman.
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nasty woman

A liberal-minded woman. The phrase became a rallying cry and self-identifier for supporters of Hillary Clinton after Donald Trump referred to Clinton as "such a nasty woman" during a 2016 presidential debate. If I'm a "nasty woman" because I believe in equal rights for women, then so be it!
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Men make houses, women make homes.

Prov. Men are often the ones who build or acquire houses for their families, but women provide the things that make a house into a home. When William moved into his own apartment, his mother insisted on choosing and arranging the furniture and decorations for him. "Men make houses, women make homes," she said, "and I want you to have a home as nice as the one you grew up in."
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think you are God's gift to women

if a man thinks he is God's gift to women, he thinks he is extremely attractive and that all women love him He's the most arrogant man I've ever met and he thinks he's God's gift to women. Oh for goodness sake, you really think you're God's gift to women, don't you!
See can't think straight
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old woman

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A high-profile September 2005 New York Times article, for example, reported that many women studying at the country's most elite colleges and universities said they had already decided to shelve their careers in favor of raising children.
It encouraged me to feel like there are crucial differences between men and women, and those have to be celebrated and acknowledged instead of pushed down.
Nor were women accepted in the inner circles of power within either party.
The image of 14 white male Senators interrogating and humiliating the young black woman on national television incensed female viewers, symbolizing the lack of representation for women and their interests on Capitol Hill.
A total of 15 women developed precancerous lesions of their cervix after first intercourse, corresponding to a 15% cumulative incidence of these lesions over a period of 24 months.
However, compared with women who did not have any new sex partners, women who had one or more than one new partner had a sharply elevated risk (harard ratios, 6.
Pregnant women may be more susceptible and more severely affected by several infectious diseases such as malaria and measles.
Grossman believes that the influence of the monogamous Christian environment was central, as was the high general status of women in Christian Europe.
Submissive" means that many women feel powerless to insist that men use condoms during intercourse; that they can be sexually abused and raped; that they may turn to drugs or prostitution to cope with sexual abuse, poverty and hopelessness.
They also criticize feminists for dismissing faith-based women's movements, "matronizing" Muslim women, and being fixated on the Islamic head cover.
When it came to socializing between women of Hindu origin and Dalit origin, the same restrictions that pertained to social intercourse between two communities persisted.
Also key was the inclusion of two major women of color health organizations on the march steering committee: the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and the Black Women's Health Imperative.
Autoimmune diseases offer one of the most dramatic examples of the conditions that affect women in greater numbers than men.
2 million women living veterans, nearly 5% of the total veteran population.
But the hormone also raises the risk of heart disease, stroke, and dementia, so many women no longer take it.