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throw a wobbly

To suddenly become very upset or intensely angry and make a big display of it. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. John threw a wobbly at work after the boss criticized his report. Needless to say, he won't be welcome back in the office on Monday.
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throw a wobbler/wobbly

  (British & Australian informal)
to suddenly become very angry She saw Peter talking to an attractive blonde and threw a wobbly.
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DRAWING INSPIRATION - 11-year-old Kennedy Howey, from Cheviot School, with puppeteer Emma Boor from Wild Boor Ideas as the Wobbly Street health project is brought to life; SOUND IDEA - Greg Houghton, a technician at Longbenton City Learning Centre, with Kieran McAndrew and Rebecca Towler from Cheviot School; REAL CHARACTERS - six-year-old pupils at Farne Primary, from left, Logan Alexander, Daniel Flemming, Dillon Thompson, Chelsea Turner and Jake Armstrong
The 27-year-old marketing manager has invented a folding, fan-like contraption which he claims will steady wobbly furniture.
Oh, and I've just found the dimple on the side of the wobbly bottle that fits your thumb perfectly for pouring.
The pop princess has a rather wobbly moment in the wardrobe department while performing Me Against The Music live onstage.
On the eve of broken promises, Wobbly Bob declared: "My New Year's resovolution is not to be grumpy.
And tenor John Treleaven sounded nasal and occasionally wobbly as Waldemar, his indifferent German frequently slurred.
One at a time we would run into the turning rope and skip at the same time saying "Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate, wibbly wobbly wibbly wobbly, jelly on a plate".
He said: "I noticed that the table leg was wobbly and thought that it would be great to invent a device which fixed that problem.
In the introductory catalogue essay, the curator claims a long-standing fascination with hypothetical scenarios, phony belief systems, and reality makeovers, characterizing the work in his show as "fantastic, partial, various, suggestive, ambitious, subjective, wobbly and eccentric to normal orbits.
A large cast of wobbly characters like DEMBY and DIDDY WISHINGWELL, NOOMIE WHIRLIGIGGLES and TOOEY WINKINGTON add to the fun.
But the wobbly feeling he had is mostly gone, and he clearly hopes to beat the team's projection of a mid-March return.
The piece made certain demands: To squeeze around the tight corners, navigate the wobbly ladders, and slither into the small rooms, you had to be of no more than average physical size and not too claustrophobic.
Weight watching Fergie confessed her wobbly bum is like "live ferrets jumping around in a bag".