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And at the heart of its campaign is a new DVD featuring Wobbly Stan.
Najma comments: "Employing apprentices will be perfect for Wibbly Wobbly as we want staff that can grow with the business.
A days old lamb tries his wobbly legs out on his mother's back at a ranch along Coburg North Road.
He claims a right of just regular folks like LeRoy Mosley to decide the priorities and conditions for our collective human life on this nicked and wobbly big, blue marble: "After all, Bush is our proxy, not our dictator.
Tetley adds: "Apart from the groan which went up among us plodders when word filtered back that Paula Radcliffe had covered the course in little more than two hours - and the fact that we seemed to be running in a wildlife park, surrounded by rhinos, rabbits, bears, emus and ostriches - my one abiding memory of the race will be of wobbly bottoms.
The Philadelphia longshoremen were all male, nearly half of whom were African American, and had over ten years of Wobbly leadership through the famous Local 8 of the Marine Transport Workers union.
At times my fatigue was so extreme my legs were wobbly.
Three men in white shirts, black pants and starched ties do wobbly arabesques as if struggling against the wind.
But figuring out what to do with those wobbly white blocks of tofu can be unnerving.
Just as some human party-goers get tipsy after only a few drinks, some fruit flies carry a genetic mutation that makes them unusually wobbly when exposed to alcohol vapors.
Here is an excerpt from Lauren Dickson, which we are sure will achieve an A*: "We could send a message around if you're feeling a bit wobbly.
Soap & Glory The Firminator Targeted Arm Firming & Toning Formula, PS12, Boots NOT only does this firm up bingo wings but it also contains soft focus spheres to instantly make arms look smoother and less wobbly.
And five-piece Wobbly Bob want to see you party to their music.