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wobble about

 and wobble around
to rock, quiver, or flounder around. The little baby wobbled about and finally fell. The vase wobbled around a little and fell over.
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n. a hangover; the delirium tremens. Freddy had the snozzle-wobbles this morning. He has no idea what caused it.
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The Wobbler also has a light sensor to protect internal components.
This weekend marks the first-of-its-kind convention of avid collectors of Funko Wacky Wobblers, those bobbing-head figurines that have given baby boomers nostalgic rapture over everything from Underdog and Smokey Bear to Cap'n Crunch and Ratfink.
Rather than throw a wobbler, he bonds with the couple and cross-cultural exchanges ensue.
He saw her in a club that week but he told her he wasn't interested and she threw a wobbler.
She's okay until she sees or hears something or someone to remind her of Mummy and then she starts throwing a right wobbler.
I'd hate to dial 999 and have an overweight bobby appear who takes a wobbler at being called `fat'.
I especially like it because it lets me know that she knows that, if her cats make an appearance, then a wobbler will almost definitely be on the cards.
The count that Mills pleaded to is called a wobbler, which means it can be prosecuted either as a misdemeanor or a felony.
Officially, the ATMs will be off-line for 15 hours, but no one who suffered over the New Year when Barclays' ATM network threw a wobbler will take that forecast as gospel.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Triplex Chain for Wobbler feeder of CHP, Paras TPS.
The former Girls Aloud star threw the wobbler as she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2008 with pal Cheryl Cole.
This is a film about being angry - I'm going to talk to other people about their propensity to fly into a rage, to throw a wobbler, to lose it.
BLADES blew their big chance to go nine points clear of stuttering Watford and Leeds as they threw yet another wobbler.
QI'M completely gob-smacked by the wobbler my friend threw when we went shopping for New Year party dresses.