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wobble about

 and wobble around
to rock, quiver, or flounder around. The little baby wobbled about and finally fell. The vase wobbled around a little and fell over.
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n. a hangover; the delirium tremens. Freddy had the snozzle-wobbles this morning. He has no idea what caused it.
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The unique structure of the Wobble pulsator creates both left and right and upward and downward flows, creating a three-dimensional dynamic water current.
Privately-held Silicon Spark said Apple has just approved the new Wobble HD, and Google has also given the green light for the Android version.
99 (USD) iPhone or iPod touch owners can purchase and download the Wobble application via the iTunes Appstore and a demo is available at http://chillifresh.
When Davis was trying to exit Interstate 540, his motorcycle began to wobble, the estate said.
The Russian Emergency Ministry has closed a seven-kilometre-long bridge which crosses the Volga River in Volgograd, after the structure started to wobble.
Adding weight to a crankbait, by putting on larger hooks, wrapping wire on the shanks of the trebles, drilling holes to add water or lead, or by adding Storm SuspenDots, alters the wobble, maximum depth, and action.
Among SDT's most recent works is The Temperamental Wobble (2004), based on the cartoon format short stories, both amusing and macabre, of the late poet-artist Edward Gorey.
Thanks," said Alex, "but I think I'll let it wiggle and wobble a little bit longer.
Then the wheels begin to wobble, wallowing out the stud holes and ruining the wheel.
Inaugurated in May 2000, it began to wobble, noticeably but not life threateningly, when people walked over it.
A new tension sensor for labels and other narrow webs is mounted on two bearings instead of one, making it less likely for the wheel to wobble.
The gravity-induced wobble causes changes in the frequency (number of vibrations) of light waves that a star emits, alerting astronomers to the presence of other planets.
THE latest structure to suffer the Curse of the Millennium is Lord Foster's "Blade Of Light" bridge, which had to be closed within 48 hours of opening because a wobble threatened to throw people off in high winds.
Another wobble, so I try moving my head from side to side like a Balinese dancer, and that's it, slip and disaster, the glass crashes to the floor and shatters, unnaturally loud.