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Witting told Der" Spiegel Online that "it was supposed to be a homage to the American lifestyle and the new US President.
Said the lawmaker in an interview after the hearing: "Whether it's witting or unwitting, once you find out that you've been complicit with a dictatorship--you've got to reform what you're doing.
This is important since the vast majority of direct and indirect costs associated with poor health are attributable to 10-15% of a given population (Yen, Edington, & Witting, 1992).
Identify and rescue witting and unwitting child victims.
Jim Ellis considers the denial of Petrarchism (via Ovid) through heterosexual alienation of the subject from language uses according to Luce Irigaray and Monique Witting.
Yet the governors believe that preventing criminals from using witting and unwitting lawyers to assist them in defrauding people would lead "to total distrust between the lawyer and his/her client.
But he cautions that while they are not necessarily witting accomplices, they are often the means by which an assailant gains access to or obtains critical information about the target residence.
We have done so unwillingly and unwittingly, but how witting or willing was Egypt to harbor the Muslim Brotherhood agents who assassinated President Anwar Sadat?
The administrative burden on sellers and consumers has fostered both their witting and unwitting noncompliance, which, in turn, has increased the enforcement burden on states.
It is unfortunate to have to impose a labor obligation on unwitting thieves who have clear consciences, but theft is still wrong, whether witting or not, and eliminating such theft through taxation is justified.
s analysis is that she seems to limit herself to the kind of evil that is the product (either witting or unwitting) of human decision and human action.
The experience of the V4 operation has shown that weak surveillance at the borders and witting or non-witting complicity by the customs, police authorities and traffic services, have contributed greatly to the incidence of, and tolerance for the thefts committed.