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Many different analyses beside ANB and Wits have been proposed for assessing the sagittal discrepancy between maxilla and mandible10-12.
This lead to the prediction of the Wits appraisal from the ANB angle.
Regarding Pakistani studies, a study was done to establish correlation between ANB, Wits value and palatal plane angle.
In another Pakistani study, a correlation between ANB angle and Wits appraisal was done.
According to this study the palatal plane is a better indicator than Wits and ANB24.
In one study25 correlation coefficients showed that the ANB angle and the Wits appraisal are significantly correlated but the r values are relatively low.
For a more accurate diagnosis of the anteroposterior apical base relationship, both the ANB angle and Wits appraisal should be used.
In another study the results indicated that approximately 93% of the variation of the Wits appraisal could be explained by the variation of the ANB, Sella-Nasion line and SNA angles.
Our study shows that Wits and ANB are significantly correlated; ANB can be used instead of Wits and vice versa.
Properties of the ANB angle and the Wits appraisal in the skeletal estimation of angle's class III patients.
Influence of occlusal plane inclination on ANB and Wits assessments of anteroposterior jaw relationships.
Co-relation between ANB angle, wits value and SN plane angle.
Correlation of overjet, ANB and Wits appraisal for assessment of sagittal skeletal relationship.