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Meanwhile, the cursed Frenchman was eyeing me discreetly and askance, as though he wished to avoid witnessing my confusion.
murmured the Comte de la Fere, at witnessing with stupor this monstrous alliance of words; -- "friends
I had been watching by my father's deathbed: I had been witnessing the last fitful yearning glance his soul had cast back on the spent inheritance of life--the last faint consciousness of love he had gathered from the pressure of my hand.
Another was chewing his moustache and smiling quietly as if he were witnessing a play.
So strong was the merchant's interest in witnessing what was to ensue between the fair Polly and the gallant Feathertop that, after quitting the room, he could by no means refrain from peeping through the crevice of the curtain.
I was merely protecting myself from the pain of witnessing what it would hurt me to witness.
The gardeners' evidence, as to the witnessing of the will was taken, and then Dorcas was called.
witnessing a signature is not to be done by mooning out of window and smoking into the flowers.