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bear false witness

To lie about or misrepresent the truth about some event, person, or thing. In common usage, it usually refers to perjury (telling a lie while under oath in a court of law) or to the Ninth Commandment of the Old Testament, from which the phrase is taken: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." Even if it is a small lie and seems harmless, if you bear false witness under oath, you may end up going to jail yourself.
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bear witness to (something)

To support or prove a claim or idea by one's (or something's) physical presence. The many students on campus these days bear witness to the school's successful rebranding efforts. The beautiful homes and vibrant gardens bear witness to the rebirth of this neighborhood.
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leading question

a question that suggests the kind of answer that the person who asks it wants to hear. The mayor was angered by the reporter's leading questions. "Don't you think that the police are failing to stop crime?" is an example of a leading question.
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witness for someone or something

to serve as a witness for some person or some deed. They could find no one to witness to something witness for the accused person. The police found someone to witness for the hour of the crime.
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witness to something

to serve as a witness to some act or deed. I was witness to the beating. We were not witness to any of the activities you have described.
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leading question

A question worded so as to elicit particular information or a particular answer, as in When are you selling the business? This example assumes that the person is going to sell the business, an action that may not have been established or revealed. This expression originated with a specific meaning in law, that is, "a question that guides a witness toward a desired answer." In court, this practice is called leading a witness and is forbidden. [Mid-1800s]
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be (a) ˈwitness to something

1 (formal) see something take place: He has been witness to a terrible murder.
2 (written) show that something is true; provide evidence for something: His good health is a witness to the success of the treatment.
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bear/give ˈwitness (to something)

provide evidence of the truth of something: The huge crowd bore witness to the popularity of this man.
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References in classic literature ?
Their witnesses, indifferent to what was happening, conversed quietly on their own affairs.
Ginevra rose, took Luigi's arm, and advanced firmly, followed by the witnesses.
After a few questions, to which the bride and bridegroom responded, and a few words mumbled by the mayor, and after signing the registers, with their witnesses, duly, Luigi and Ginevra were made one.
Sir Ernest Heavywether, who was famous all over England for the unscrupulous manner in which he bullied witnesses, only asked two questions.
Various witnesses testified to the accuracy of these statements.
I understand you to say that it never entered your head that the witnesses at the inquest could possibly have mistaken your voice for that of Mr.
I only say this, circumstances may happen in the future which may oblige Percival, or his representatives, to appeal to the two witnesses, in which case it is certainly desirable that those witnesses should represent two opinions which are perfectly independent the one of the other.
Excuse me, Sir Percival," I said--"but as one of the witnesses to the signature, I venture to think that I HAVE something to do with the matter.
Then come the witnesses to character, and here Mr Brass's gentleman shines again.
The working paper which is prepared by Consultant on Home Affairs, Sharfuddin Memon mainly focused on a programme designed to protect the witnesses of crimes from bodily harm as a way of encouraging people to come forward to testify on what they know about the crime, said a statement issued here on Sunday.
I contend that the processes of criminal investigation and trial worked to privilege the stories, knowledge, and judgment of the witnesses and defendants in the assize court, and thus effectively facilitated the transfer of a popular system of retributive justice into the verdict of the court.
It did not matter that these witnesses would have to take an oath on the Bible and to speak the truth on the issues raised in "formulating a doubt" on the marriage 35 years earlier.
The location and complexity of the crime scene, number of witnesses, and other factors can affect workforce requirements.
For more than 14 years, I've represented CPAs who were witnesses and targets of IRS criminal investigations, and I've retained CPAs as expert witnesses and forensic accountants.