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Marouf said their compromise was not without strings attached.
F your wife, after 53 years of marriage, announces at breakfast that she is going to treat you to some new clothes, be warned: this is not the parcel without strings attached.
The creditors, of course, will be loath to provide assistance without strings attached.
The Christian story behind Christmas is that God gives his love to us in Jesus without strings attached.
If PS77m is available, the Government should give it to the cities without strings attached, and let the cities decide how they want to spend it.
This application comes along as a free installation without strings attached.
However, it is suggested that the promising youngster, who came through the ranks at Madrid, will not be sold without strings attached as a buy-back clause is to be incorporated in his contract.
Eventually, Utahns like Pendleton came around to seeing the wisdom of providing housing without strings attached.
Board member Craig Smith on Wednesday said the board this time is looking for offers without strings attached.
And as aid budgets come under pressure in many developed markets, poor countries are looking elsewhere for funds which also have the advantage of coming without strings attached.
It's general groups of friends to enjoy a nice evening without strings attached of Valentine's and a romantic environment.
How can we learn to give gifts without strings attached when we are accustomed to feeling either a sense of duty, or we want gratitude from others in return?
Wise up guys, stop point scoring and start to act on behalf of all the people without strings attached.
The EU support is without strings attached intended to capacity building that is why we welcome 20the Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan that to my understanding capacitates an independent Election Commission, said the Ambassador.
Sayyed Karamy is said to have replied that the Lebanon wanted arms without strings attached and that if any conditions were to be made, they should be reasonable.