within means

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within your means

without spending more than the money you have We need to reduce spending and live within our means.
Opposite of: beyond your means
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within means But I also think that the football fan is essentially the same beast that he or she has always been: someone who's deeply passionate and far too obsessed with a sport and a club.
The district needs a model that funds our schools equitably while working within means for the good of the whole.
F1 isn't about being frugal and living within means, it's about fantasy.
Head coach Mike Umaga, who moved in to Liberty Way last summer but inherited a squad put together by predecessor Paul Westgate, is relishing the challenge of reviving the club's playing fortunes, but insists it will be done by living within means and with more emphasis on the club's home-grown talent.
It is prudent to make conservative estimates in planning, of course, but a conservative estimate for retirement spending should be realistic within means and not overly frugal.