in living memory

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in/within living memory

In a recent enough time as to be remembered by people who are alive today. (Usually used in negative statements.) There hasn't been a blizzard like this in living memory!
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in (or within) living memory

within or during a time that is remembered by people still alive.
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in/within ˌliving ˈmemory

that can be remembered by people who are alive now: These are the worst floods in Britain within living memory.
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These understandings of place segregation widen our understandings of the social life of a country town within living memory.
The actual writing began in the early 1960s, when the age of wooden ships was over, but was still within living memory.
The most criminal acts committed within living memory belong to the US and its protE[umlaut]gE[umlaut] Israel: Yet we dare not ask why no criminal charges or even accusations are ever directed at these two countries.
But within living memory, Quebec's Roman Catholic Church frowned on classical ballet that featured tightly fitted and revealing tights; and in the 1960s, Montreal municipal officials fought to prevent female members of a visiting African dance company from performing topless.
This book is hard to review for the opposite reason because, without a doubt, it is one of the most daring and most consistently excellent collections of essays on early modern religious history published within living memory.
Well within living memory, modern art was the hobby of a minute minority in a very few places, notably Paris and New York.
Military coups, one-party systems, are all within living memory for many.
Within living memory there was a time when religion could fairly claim authority over matters such as homosexuality, maintaining that such things are matters of faith and morals.
When the courts eventually invalidated long-established laws sanctioned by church and society that forbade interracial marriage, the so-called "miscegenation" laws that obtained in many parts of this country within living memory, the courts that did this were invariably maligned as interventionist, arbitrary, and usurpatious.
Throughout her cogent and extremely readable history of interracial love and marriage since 1940--which begins at a period, still well within living memory, when such relationships remained illegal in much of America--Romano consistently avoids straightforward liberal triumphalism and remains admirably tentative about drawing sweeping conclusions from her data.
His error was to see history as madness until enlightened times within living memory.
Historian Michael Beschloss is hard at work on Lyndon Johnson's presidency, which is easily within living memory of many.
Pick a figure within living memory (George Plimpton's Truman Capote is representative); jet around the world recording the recollections of the subject's family, friends, colleagues, and enemies; get them to react to other versions of events (preferably contradictorily); cut it all up to form a roughly chronological narrative; add pictures; publish.
While the origin of this new kind of Catholic is presented with all the free grain of historical detail, the terminus ad quem is left deliberately and suggestively vague: however I understand him to imply that the type prevailed down to a time within living memory, but that it no longer does so.