within a stone's throw

within a stone's throw (of something)

 and (just) a stone's throw away (from something); (just) a stone's throw (from something)
Fig. very close (to something). (Possibly as close as the distance one could throw a stone. It usually refers to a distance much greater than one could throw a stone.) The police department was located within a stone's throw of our house. We live in Carbondale, and that's just a stone's throw away from the Mississippi River. Come visit. We live just a stone's throw away.
See also: throw, within
References in classic literature ?
It was in a back-street off an alley, and although within a stone's throw of Lothbury its immediate surroundings were not exhilarating.
You could never have guessed that within a stone's throw there was an open sheet of water and big ships lying afloat.
A butcher hard by in the village, and the parsonage-house within a stone's throw.
It seemed incredible that such a thing could be, almost within a stone's throw of the spot where but a brief two centuries before had stood the greatest city of the world.
There was, and still is, an inn within a stone's throw of the great iron gates, with two very old lime trees in front of it, where we used to lunch on our arrival at a little table spread with a red and blue check cloth, the lime blossoms dropping into our soup, and the bees humming in the scented shadows overhead.
That's exactly what I say," said Sancho; "I found it too, and I would not go within a stone's throw of it; there I left it, and there it lies just as it was, for I don't want a dog with a bell.
I was suddenly, upon turning the corner of a steepish downy field, in the midst of a retired little village between gently rising hills; a small stream before me to be forded, a church standing on a sort of knoll to my right-- which church was strikingly large and handsome for the place, and not a gentleman or half a gentleman's house to be seen excepting one--to be presumed the Parsonage-- within a stone's throw of the said knoll and church.
The nondescript replied in encouraging terms, and brought him to a coffee-shop in the street within a stone's throw.
He had gone fishing again, of course, and must not be disturbed till the appointed hour, though he sat within a stone's throw of where they stood.
FOR three years following the disappearance of Prince Richard a bent old woman lived in the heart of London within a stone's throw of the King's palace.
There it was, too, within a stone's throw of the Harbour Office, low, but somehow palatial, displaying its white, pillared pavilions surrounded by trim grass plots.