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wither away

to shrivel up; to shrink up. Soon, the wart withered away. Many of our roses withered away in the hot sun.
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wither on the vine

 and die on the vine 
1. Lit. [for fruit] to shrivel on the vine or stem, unharvested. If we don't get out there into the field, the grapes will wither on the vine. The apples will die on the vine if not picked soon.
2. . Fig. [for someone or something] to be ignored or neglected and thereby be wasted. I hope I get a part in the play. I don't want to just die on the vine. Fred thinks he is withering on the vine because no one has chosen him.
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wither up

to shrivel up. It was so hot that the leaves of the trees withered up.
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wither on the vine

  (British, American & Australian literary) also die on the vine (American & Australian literary)
if something withers on the vine, it is destroyed very gradually, usually because no one does anything to help or support it
Usage notes: Grapes (= small fruits used to make wine) which are still joined to the vine (= the plant on which grapes grow) die slowly.
Plans to create cheap housing for the poor seem doomed to wither on the vine.
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wither on the vine

Fail to come to fruition, as in This building project will wither on the vine if they don't agree on a price. This expression alludes to grapes shriveling and drying up because they were not picked when ripe.
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