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Gale and Vives (2002) and Allen and Gale (1998) do not assume sequential service, but the optimal contract has a structure similar to the deposit contract in the sense that for high values of R the payoff to early withdrawers is not contingent.
As more agents place withdrawal demands, the probability that the final number of impatient agents is large increases and the size of the payment to early withdrawers tends to decrease.
Withdrawers "had significantly higher GPAs and were 40 percent more likely to have a degree in their teaching field than new hires.
Previous research has found that only a small proportion of withdrawers tend to be employed (White et al.
Each of the (eventually twelve) associations was separately organized and managed, and each paid its own way by imposing charges on waste dischargers and water withdrawers.
Since school officials no longer recorded the number of children withdrawing annually after 1876, it is impossible to know if the number of withdrawers moved downward with the decline in children "at work.