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withdraw from something

1. to depart from something physically. I withdrew from the smoky room and ran to the open window to get some air. I withdrew from the unpleasant-looking cafe and looked for something more to my liking.
2. . to end one's association with someone or something. I decided to withdraw from all my professional organizations. I had to withdraw from the association because the dues had become too high.
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withdraw into oneself

to become introverted; to concern oneself with one's inner thoughts. After a few years of being ignored, she withdrew into herself. I have to struggle to keep from withdrawing into myself.
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withdraw into something

to pull back into something. The turtle withdrew into its shell. The mouse withdrew into its hole.
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withdraw someone from something

1. to pull someone out of something physically. She withdrew the child from the water just in time. I had to withdraw my child from the kindergarten room. He was having such a good time, he wouldn't leave on his own.
2. . to remove someone from an organization or a nomination. The committee withdrew John from nomination and put up someone else. I withdrew my son from kindergarten.
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withdraw something from someone or something

to pull something out of someone or something. She withdrew the book from the stack. I withdrew the splinter from Dave carefully.
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withdraw something into something

to pull something back into something. The turtle withdrew its head into its shell. It then withdrew its feet into the shell also.
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Ban was quoted by AN NAHAR as saying that the Israeli government has accepted his request to withdraw from al-Ghajar.
The players issued a statement saying they still believed Loughnane was the best man for the job, while hurling board officials asked Silke and Murphy to withdraw in the hope that Loughnane could be enticed back.
Troubled school board candidate Christopher Arellano tried Thursday to formally withdraw from the June 6 runoff, but city officials said his name must legally remain on the ballot.
According to KETRA Section 101, affected individuals may be able to withdraw up to $100,000 from an IRA, Sec.
FOR every pound Britons save, they withdraw 52p within weeks to fritter away on impulse purchases.
FOR every pound Britons save they withdraw 52p within weeks to fritter away on impulse purchases, a survey claimed yesterday.
Judge Davidson's order to withdraw the approval was an initial decision, to which exceptions were filed in 2004.
Though doctors often have to address the very thorny issue of when to withdraw life support, a new aspect of the debate has surfaced in Britain.
Even as states withdraw their previous con-con applications, special interest groups have announced plans to seek conventions to address other issues.
The alternative is to withdraw the balance of the account's assets within five years of the date of death.
Subsection (a) of the rule lists situations where an attorney must withdraw from a representation, including when the attorney's continued representation would result in a violation, of the Rules of Professional Conduct, when the attorney has a physical or mental condition that materially impairs the attorney's ability to represent the client, and when the attorney has been discharged by the client.
Without consistent access to reliable corporate and collateral performance information DCR is forced to withdraw the ratings.
Deloitte & Touche, the California Court of Appeals, Fourth Appellate District, held that judges must instruct juries that professional standards promulgated by the AICPA authorize auditors to withdraw from engagements--regardless of prejudice to the clients--based on a showing of good cause.
For the foregoing reasons, Tax Executives Institute respectfully recommends that the Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review withdraw its grant of emergency status for the Board of Public Works' procurement regulations and, indeed, to conclude that the regulations themselves should be withdrawn.
Barclays expects UK consumers to withdraw at least pounds 100m more between midnight on Friday and midnight on Monday than they did during the same weekend last year when they took out pounds 900m.