with respect

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with (all due) respect

A phrase used to politely disagree with someone. With all due respect, sir, I think we could look at this situation differently. With respect, I just don't see it that way.
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with (all due) reˈspect

(formal) used before disagreeing with somebody in order to seem polite: With all due respect, Mr Jones, I cannot agree with you.
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RESOLVED: That the auditing standards board shall establish under statements on auditing standards the responsibilities of members with respect to standards for disclosure of financial information outside of the financial statements in published financial reports containing financial statements.
If a nonqualified deferred compensation plan fails to comply with any of the requirements in section 409A, all compensation deferred with respect to a participant to whom the failure relates is subject to immediate inclusion in the income of the participant, except to the extent these amounts are subject to a "substantial risk of forfeiture" (in which case the income is postponed until that risk lapses) or have previously been included in the participant's income.
A straddle exists only if there is a "substantial diminution of risk of loss" with respect to offsetting positions; although the new regulations define "substantially similar or related property," the threshold criterion of "substantial diminution of risk of loss" must still be met.
With respect to number of individuals entering competitive employment, the discrepancy in percent change over time between individuals with severe physical disabilities and individuals with severe psychiatric disabilities is even greater than the discrepancy in percent change for number of rehabilitants (Figure 9).
9) Moreover, under new section 6501(c)(10), the statute of limitations for assessment of tax liability is extended with respect to undisclosed LTs until one year after the earlier of the date on which (i) the required disclosure is furnished to the IRS, or (ii) required "list maintenance" information with respect to the transaction is furnished.
With respect to the "Criteria" category, the average scores for each submission was 3.
Is the purchase considered a joint, closely held business investment that could affect the firm's independence with respect to the audit client?
The Federal Reserve's principal objective has been to assure that any agreement that might be negotiated contain a strong protection for the prudential actions of regulators, with respect to both individual institutions and the stability of the financial system itself.
Although it is fairly rare to see this degree of self-direction within a qualified retirement plan, it is not nonexistent with respect to smaller plans.
When the Third Protocol to the Convention between the Canada and the United States with Respect to Taxes on Income and Capital was signed in 1995, Canada and the United States agreed to consult within a three-year period with respect to further reductions in withholding taxes.
From a practical standpoint, the beneficiaries' ability to remove trustees is often their sole leverage in assuring that adequate or quality service is provided with respect to the trust.