with regard to

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with regard to (someone or something)

In reference to someone or something; considering someone or something. With regard to that proposal, I think we should postpone it for now.
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with regard to someone or something

 and in regard to someone or something
concerning someone or something. What shall we do in regard to planning dinner? With regard to Bill, I think he is working too hard.
See also: regard
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Jesus' prohibition against saving money for the future (Matt 6:19, "Do not store up treasure on earth") has also been loosed with regard to many modern applications: Christians are permitted to save money for retirement or to pay for their children's education.
The church today may consider whether the Matthean understanding of binding and loosing can continue to inform its ethical deliberation with regard to current issues.
With regard to the assessment of counterparty creditworthiness, the guidance points out the need for policies and procedures that are tailored to the risk profiles of counterparties and for internal controls that ensure actual practices conform with these policies.
This would mark the final step in addressing immediate liquidity concerns, which initially arose with regard to collateral requirements and upcoming maturities during 2002.
At the same time, plans progress with regard to the future separation of PGE from the remaining ENE group.
In addition, the reviews will address Fairbanks practices with regard to the charging of fees, timely posting of payments, timely resolution of customer service complaints, and collection and foreclosure procedures, some of which have been recently changed as a result of the company's efforts to proactively confront these allegations.
If at any time Fitch determines that Fairbanks has not fully met the requirements of a servicer at their current level Fitch will take immediate and definitive action with regard to their servicer ratings.
With regard to the current Rating Watch Negative applicable to the DrxHold and InPower ratings, the project remains in technical default on the InPower bank facility with regard to several issues, which are currently the subject of a comprehensive waiver request package.
A number of waivers have been received which contain additional conditions proposed by the bank lenders to be met before the waivers take effect, typically with regard to the level of further excess cash retained at the DrxHold level, and the location of that cash.
The most recent coupon payment by DrxEn was made through drawdown of the DrxEn debt service reserve account, as a distribution was blocked due to the existence of the technical default at the project level with regard to insurance arrangements.
Stockreporter: Therefore, with regard to the year 2000 we may start from the assumption that this $1 EPS having been expected by you was an absolutely conservative estimate, as up to now you have only taken under consideration the VoIP revenues.
Would you kindly give us some information with regard to the respective further actual development?
We additionally believe that to do so (and to properly discharge such fiduciary duty) the CBI Board of Directors must, among other things, ensure that all interested parties are placed on a "level playing field" with regard to non-public information and access to individuals.