with every breath

with every (other) breath

Fig. [saying something] repeatedly or continually. Bob was out in the yard, raking leaves and cursing with every other breath. The child was so grateful that she was thanking me with every breath.
See also: breath, every
References in classic literature ?
It is needless to say that Rebecca irritated her aunt with every breath she drew.
For the first time Genevieve saw the stomach-breathing of a man, an abdomen that rose and fell far more with every breath than her breast rose and fell after she had run for a car.
The stumps in the cleared fields were already hidden beneath the wheat that was waving with every breath of the sum mer air, shining and changing its hues like velvet.
With every breath of air that stirred among those branches in the sunshine, some trembling, changing light, would fall upon her grave.
So there was no damming up the tide of life that was rising within him--rising with every mouthful of meat he swallowed, with every breath he drew.
She remained not less pale than ever; but the birthmark with every breath that came and went, lost somewhat of its former distinctness.
But in his handsome, unmoved face I read my fate and death-warrant; and with every breath I cursed my folly and my cowardice in coming to him at all.
SAN DIEGO, March 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- "Changing lives with every breath.
Ed Miliband's Labour should defend with every breath our country's greatest institution because what the ConDems are doing to the NHS is poisonous.
London, Oct 21 ( ANI ): When in Rome, you get a little hit of cocaine with every breath, as a study of psychotropic drug levels in ambient air from eight Italian cities found background levels of cocaine, cannabinoids - the active ingredients in marijuana - nicotine and caffeine in every urban centre.
With broken hearts we remember this day, when someone special was taken away, we loved you then, we love you still and with every breath we always will.
I loved you then, I love you still with every breath, I always will.
But always know that I love you with every breath I make and you will forever be in my heart and in my dreams.
The drivers are involved, as with every breath they take they are absorbing the cannabis drugs into their bloodstream - and they will still be there four days later.
She could watch his chest rise with every breath, his tiny fists clench and unclench.