with bare hands

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with your bare hands

without using any type of tool or weapon The court heard how Roberts strangled the woman with his bare hands.
See lay bare
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The model had many subtle details that were invisible to the naked eye but could be felt with bare hands.
But ice-cold metal can freeze your skin if you touch it with bare hands.
There I seized my soul-fever with bare hands and hurled it back blazing upon the lap of Consuming Fire.
It looks as though a jemmy was used because you would not be able to do that with bare hands.
A continent that broke the chains of communist rule in 1989, tearing down the Berlin Wall with bare hands, is now facing the curtain being re-hung.
Elsewhere in the capital, in scenes that recalled the 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising in Beijing, hundreds of students surrounded armored personnel carriers of Mobutu's Presidential Guard, immobilizing the vehicles as they slapped their metal sides with bare hands and harangued the soldiers to help them sweep Mobutu from power.