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Make your family's holiday memories extra special this year with a personalized, educational Santa Wish Book that your children make themselves.
The event was sponsored by William Powell AM, who was there to present participants with copies of the Welsh Wish Book.
We think that it's very important to offer a printed version because, to many, it's still a wish book," Pete says.
According to Kevin Kelly -- the editor of a 472-page wish book of neat stuff called ''Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities'' and an Internet community pioneer -- a ''third industrial revolution is stirring.
To climb into the holiday buying game, Groupon is releasing a Goods Wish Book and gussying up its toy deals.
If you couldn't make the store, you could always order a wealth of articles, historically described and illustrated in Bannerman's wish book of a catalog, which fortunately is still available as a reprint.
BACK IN THE BOOM DAYS, the Robb Report, that wish book of extravagant indulgences for the rich and the aspirational, had a person on staff called "Chief Luxury Officer.
SEARS HAS ENHANCED ITS POPULAR WISH BOOK with new social shopping capabilities, allowing customers to see hot-trending products, get feedback on potential purchases and share lists with their friends and family.
Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book, fifth edition
Now in a newly updated fifth edition, Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book is a guide to all sorts of Star Wars collectibles and memorabilia.
The Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book (4th edition; 2007) by author Geoffrey Carlton has been published by Collector Books, Paducah, Kentucky, USA, in hardcover, incorporating 16,000 colour photographs of collectibles.
We studied the Sears catalog--better known as the Wish Book.
She said the section would be "both a wish book and practical guide.
This section will be both a wish book and a practical guide; it will offer readers a glimpse into the hottest properties around town as well as provide practical information for people actively looking to buy or sell.
When that happens, the Hitchhiker's Guide will become a roadmap, useful in the implementation of laboratory chip technology and not merely a pictorial wish book.