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Sherwood is a brash, chippy wisecracker, with a well-polished ego and a touch of the old-school little Englander about him.
While Sammy is an equal-opportunity wisecracker, there's no question he saves his most cutting remarks for Quebec nationalists, the folks still hoping the province will separate from Canada and make its way as an independent nation.
Comedian Dan Smith was known to be a bit of a wisecracker from an early age.
Inspired casting, it was not - swapping one tubby West Midlands wisecracker for another, well, tubby Northern wisecracker and trading in a toothy Celtic beauty for one with slightly shorter hair.
Albion Rovers defender Lumsden insists wisecracker Moore will be impossible to work with because he will either be lapping up victory or moaning about his side's defeat.
Yes, the 11th Tarzan sounded best and there were those who thought that, at 6ft 3ins, with biceps the width of thighs sweating in the sun, he was also the handsomest - possessing the most "flex appeal", as a Hollywood wisecracker expressed it.
Against virtually any other contestant, the effeminate wisecracker would be short odds himself, but he is taking on a strong rival in the Cambridge chain-smoker.
You might call Foudy the Rhoda Morgenstern to Hamm's Mary Richards; the wisecracker complementing the golden girl.
The Marx Brothers -- Groucho, the bushy-browed, cigar-smoking wisecracker with the funny mustache and walk; Harpo, the loveable mute with the curly red hair, top hat, raincoat and horn; and Chico, the rakish con artist with the Italian accent -- were madcap comedians of the first order who paved the way for generations of comedians and made the world safe for puns.
Hughes has earned a reputation as a wisecracker throughout his career and couldn't resist a funny in his acceptance speech.
Give me wisecracker Jack any day over some of the rubbish adults we had to put up with.
He vows to seek relief by accompanying his buddies to the best little whorehouse in the area, run by curvy, corpulent wisecracker Hetairai Johnson (Liz Mikel), who also serves as the show's narrator and overall mistress of ceremonies.
The West Country wisecracker with the flyaway locks plans to turn his back on all the glitz and glam to potter round in his bookshop with his wife Karen.
Wisecracker Clarkson,like many other opinion makers, clearly does not appreciate the fervent zeal with which Mr Brunstrom is tackling the problem.
The crusty lawmaker, an Army sergeant in the Korean War, is known among his colleagues as a wisecracker, but he was dead serious this time.