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Intended for Wi-Fi network designers, system engineers, and technical support personnel, Ruckus WiSE Guy certification enables Ruckus BIG DOG Partners and network administrators to differentiate themselves by proving their proficiency in deploying next generation, reliable Ruckus Smart WLAN systems.
To read the first release of Entrepreneur's Wise Guy column, pick up a copy of the March issue of the magazine on newsstands or visit http://www.
The wise guys claimed that for once they have decided to take the fight not only back to the judiciary, but also to the Sharifs.
The game is very addictive and can involve a lot of interaction with other users, and is played daily by 70,000-plus wannabe wise guys.
An intervention for adolescent males aged 10-19 years, the Wise Guys program was developed in 1990 by the Family Life Council of Greensboro, N.
Wise Guy Eddie is the first shift CMM operator and actually knows his stuff.
WISE Guy - The Ray Burke Story will be shown on RTE1 on Monday at 7.
I remember one wise guy (not me) in Catholic grammar school who, when asked by Sister what he planned to give up during Lent, responded: "Large-curd cottage cheese and watermelon.
But the Godfather rules this village, flanked by wise guys and hit men on retainer.
If the three key factors in moving real estate are (as the wise guys tell us) "location, location, location," let the fourth estate now pay attention: What the reporter presents to the reader is a thick-headed guy with gray hair.
These wise guys know there are nice young liberals out there ready and willing to be hustled for another plea bargain, probation, or parole.
His acting talent has been showcased in many movies, including star turns in Wise Guys, Johnny Dangerously and his dramatic, critically acclaimed performance in Jonathan Parker's Bartleby.
At first glance, this offering looks a million miles away from the murky world of hit men and wise guys, but under the surface, there are distinct similarities.
Then you have to read up on them in CROWS: ENCOUNTERS WITH THE WISE GUYS.
From the tommy-gun toting wise guys in the mob movies of the 30s to the Uzi-wielding mobsters of The Sopranos, Hollywood has always loved a gangster and the mafia it seems, loves Hollywood back.