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In at least one aspect, this primary-distribution system is analogous to the much simpler wiring in a home: Its current-carrying wires transmit voltage at "phase angles" that are designed -- as a team -- to cancel each other out, explains Gary Johnson, a General Electric Co.
Unlike engines, radar, or flight control systems, electrical wiring was not considered a major component.
Bell officials defend Kapton, and the company continues to use it unless a buyer specifies a different wiring.
To get started immediately, call your local electrician or communications wiring installer.
Additional wiring has been installed behind walls for future use.
This wiring is fairly typical of what is promoted as "structured wiring" in new homes today.
This market is now in the early-adopter phase, but competitive pressures on builders, driven primarily by consumer demand, should bring structured wiring into the mainstream shortly.
If Parks' forecast that 42 percent of new homes will have structured wiring installed in 2004, or about 600,000 homes at today's construction rate, it would take only .
A professional home inspector can recommend that an electrical contractor familiar with the problems of aluminum wiring be retained to evaluate the system and recommend appropriate actions.
0 brings new levels of automation to the wiring development process in three key areas - design entry, verification, and manufacturing automation.
EMbassy is the first CAD-vendor independent, 3-D wiring design solution to offer wiring engineers the ability to take advantage of virtual prototyping principles, thereby reducing their reliance on hardware prototypes.
Linius developed EMbassy to address the problems faced by engineers designing the wiring for electromechanical assemblies containing multiple harnesses and cables, including medical equipment, semiconductor capital equipment, industrial machines, automobiles and specialty vehicles, aircraft and telecommunications equipment.
In the interim, FDC is required to operate the MoneyGram money- wiring service as a separate, ongoing business independent of all other First Data business and the Western Union business.
The Tut 155 Fiber to Copper Converter is a media converter that allows fiber optic ports to be connected to the existing wiring infrastructure of Cat.