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The Air Force also looked for shortcuts to fix its wiring problems.
Nevertheless, the most recent F-16 wiring study, completed by the Air Force in September 1986, found that while many of the chafing problems plaguing older F-16s had been fixed, they were resurfacing in newer planes.
While acknowledging that "we have had damaged airplanes" due to Kapton flashovers, David Pielmeier, the Navy's top wiring engineer, said the service banned it in new planes because of concerns it would explode in combat, not in peacetime use.
They are rewriting wiring specifications to include flashover and ballistics tests.
The final navy report said the crash was caused by either a wiring failure or a rupture of the tank.
There is no reason to accept a new home that does not merit a grade of "B" or better when it comes to communications wiring.
For more information about the FCC ruling and high-performance communications wiring, see www.
Wiring of RG-6 coaxial cable is usually installed for distributing TV signals throughout the home.
To estimate the potential market for copper wire and cable one must examine structured wiring and coaxial cable.
But even in today's home the demand for electricity consuming devices is taxing the wiring.
In the 1950s, most residential wiring was old-style nonmetallic cable, and AWG 14 was standard for branch circuits.
By using EMbassy, engineers can design and troubleshoot their wiring systems in a fraction of the time it currently takes them.
EMbassy is the first CAD-vendor independent 3D wiring design solution and can be used with data from any 3D CAD package that outputs a VRML file, including SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Mechanical Desktop, Pro/Engineer, SDRC/Ideas, and others.
EMbassy's innovative method of creating intelligent wiring bundles enables the user to actually design the 3D wiring, rather than reverse engineer it using a hardware prototype.