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wireless network

A system by which a computer, cell phone, or other device can access the Internet without being plugged into a router. I can't connect to the Internet on my laptop—why isn't the wireless network working? What's the password for the wireless network?
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latrine wireless

(ləˈtrin ˈwɑɪɚləs)
n. the free exchange of information and gossip at the general toilet facilities. (see also grapevine, latrine rumor. This wireless alludes to the older term for a radio, not to modern wireless telephony.) It came over the latrine wireless this morning. We’re all shipping out.
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Although wireless initiatives require some budget outlay for access points, site surveys and software, often these programs are seen as money-saving tactics that will benefit a district far into the future.
When you consider that the modern college student is mobile most of the time, investing in a wireless LAN for your campus simply makes sense; you're investing in the technology that suits your users best.
Ads for wireless gadgets suggest that a new anytime, anywhere Internet is available in the here and now.
Efforts in Florida in 2006 featured the addition of more than 90 new wireless transmission sites, as well as the launch of the BroadbandAccess(sm) high-speed wireless network in numerous new markets in the state.
MobileAccess Networks, an enterprise wireless innovator, announced today the installation of its Universal Wireless Network at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, and at University of Phoenix Stadium, the new home of the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, Arizona.
Since the early 1980's, the wireless industry has been anticipating the rapid growth of wireless data applications.
As wireless data proliferates, content has become increasingly significant as a factor in the appeal of services.
Cisco[R] (NASDAQ:CSCO) today announced that it is working with Intel Corporation to push pervasive enterprise wireless LAN deployments and to debunk enterprise wireless myths.
11, the first annual EnterpriseNow Conference will take place, featuring keynotes, breakout and roundtable sessions with executives from Accenture, Cisco and Cingular Wireless participating.
The new Card Access High Security Wireless Bridge integrates with Columbitech Wireless VPN(TM) technology to address the challenges faced by retailers to secure data when bridging standard Ethernet LANs and wireless LANs (WLANs).
And with V CAST, consumers can access the latest in video programming to stay connected, informed and entertained via their wireless phones," said Rich Garwood, Northern California/Nevada regional president for Verizon Wireless.
We're looking forward to aggressively marketing our new products throughout Texas and the large enterprise, commercial and residential client base in which ERF Wireless has a proven track record," stated Jerry Dix, 5G Wireless Communications CEO.
Retailers also attend CTIA WIRELESS for the specialized education and training sessions offered every year.