wire back to

wire something back to someone

to send something, such as a reply or money, back to someone by telegram. Please wire your answer back to me by tomorrow. The reply wasn't wired back in time.
See also: back, wire
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Officers said he gave Dhs713,000 to a third suspect, also Algerian, to wire back to their home country.
And that means a payout check or bank wire back to you with your winnings in under seven days-and other payout methods are even faster, under 36 hours.
6 [degrees] F), the directional bonds between atoms reform, pulling the wire back to its original shape.
According to James, IMS left 10 to 15 points open on each RTU and has since added about 50 points to the total system for no more than the cost of alarm devices and wire back to an RTU.
Instead, they go around it, in the form of an electric current, through the device being powered, and then by wire back to the opposite side of the fuel cell.