wire back to

wire something back to someone

to send something, such as a reply or money, back to someone by telegram. Please wire your answer back to me by tomorrow. The reply wasn't wired back in time.
See also: back, wire
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Officers said he gave Dhs713,000 to a third suspect, also Algerian, to wire back to their home country.
Connect the rods together with 12-gauge high-voltage insulated wire, with another run of wire back to the ground terminal of your energizer.
6 [degrees] F), the directional bonds between atoms reform, pulling the wire back to its original shape.
First, rather than install a continuous ground wire back to the electrical panel, you can run one to a nearby cold-water pipe and bond it to the pipe with a special connector.
In this case, trim the black wire back to about 1 inch in length and do not cut the white wire (A).