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Following wiping, the lipids on [the Chacoan monkey frog] actually reduce the rate of water loss to very close to that of a desert lizard," says Harvey B.
Another frog that hunkers down after wiping to minimize its exposure to air is the Indian tree frog (Polypedates maculatus), which secretes waxes from its mucous glands.
They reduce the risk of contamination even when used on rough surfaces and can be used for pre-cleaning, degreasing, solvent wiping and excess sealant removal.
They are highly absorbent and deliver excellent cost-in-use for critical wiping tasks.
Kimtech Cleaning Wipes are an easy-to-use, lean manufacturing cleaning solution for general wiping needs.
Or, there are companies serving categories from janitorial to medical considering ways to address other markets with wiping versions of their products," said Ms.
Meanwhile, Reckitt Benckiser added Lysol Dual Action Disinfecting Wipes to its all-purpose cleaning wipes product portfolio, with one textured side for scrubbing and one smooth side for wiping.
The market is still growing and new applications within wiping where spunlace can be used are emerging.
Rags and laundered cloths were once the all-purpose solution for wiping dirt and oils from equipment and hands.
Classification - Based on wiping fabric technologies (How): Wiping fabric Main applications technology Wetlaid technologies HYDRASPUN: Baby, Personal care, Home care Crepe papers: Wet wipes: Surface wipes, refreshing wipes, glasses, screen, shoes, toilet wipes, dairy wipes, soft skin wipes; Dry wipes: Hand wipes Carded technologies Spunlace Baby, Personal care, Homecare, Industria wipesl Needlepunch Personal care Resin Bond Homecare, Industrial Thermal Bond Personal care, Wound care Caustic Personal care, Industrial Entangled-Webril Airlaid technologies Airlaid Baby, Wet hand wipes: Household cleaning wipes and mops (dry and wet), Industrial wipes (dry and wet) Composite technologies SPC-Spunlace: Baby, Personal care, Homecare Airlace-CCP Spunlace Baby, Personal care, Homecare, Industrial
Custom Manufacturing Products, Greenville, SC, displayed germicidal wipes, ultra disinfectant wipes, surface wipes, Erase It disposable cleaning pads and Ultra Sweeper with electrostatic action According to John Graham, Custom Manufacturing's president, "After four years in wiping products, we continue to offer new items like our citrus scents for household surface wipes and a large 75-count and two-pack offering.
First Quality Products, Great Neck, NY, featured the latest in its Prevail line of wiping products with bathing cloths and pop-up washcloths.