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wipe someone or something (off) (with something)

to clean someone or something by wiping with something. Tony wiped the baby off with a soft cloth. Jane wiped off the counter with a rag. Tom fell in the mud and asked Ralph to wipe him off.

wipe something (off) (on something)

to remove something by wiping it on something else. Don't wipe your feet off on the carpet. Don't wipe off your feet on the carpet, wipe them on the mat.


n. a murder; a killing. (see also wipe out.) The victim of the latest mob wipe was hauled out of the river this morning.
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By using network-based automatic disk wiping, thousands of PCs can be wiped simultaneously.
Its so-called wiping movements cover its skin with a waxy barrier that locks in moisture.
The user or administrator can activate the wiping process with just one click before leaving the office and have a completely wiped drive the next morning, ready to be moved to storage or transported elsewhere.
The primary advantage for users running Transparent Wiping is that it eliminates time-consuming processes to wipe free space, wipe temporary files or wipe old file versions.
Aviation industry workers must have the best wiping tools available to make sure every job is done right the first time," says Marianne Santangelo, go-to-market leader, manufacturing, Kimberly-Clark Professional.
Included in National Nonwovens' premier medical product line are self-contained body wiping cloths designed for optimum patient comfort, to wound care products designed for burn victims to super absorbent clinical pads for after-life applications.
Consumers can pull and use them to make quick work of cleaning, tasks and 'pampering' themselves--whatever the wiping category," she added.
At its Wichita site - where Learjets are built and other Bombardier aircraft are serviced and test flown - Bombardier Aerospace rigorously tested other Sontara(R) wiping products under working conditions and helped to develop a list of very specific needs in an aviation wipe.
Go along for a ride through segments of populations using wiping products, and then add in various special interest groups and you have a fascinating look at current offerings.
Spunlace has been the most widely accepted wiping fabric, representing nearly half (49%) of the wipes market in terms of tonnage.
Boogie Wipes brand, launched in late 2007, crosses into healthcare with wipes that are impregnated with saline and moisturizing agents to combat the dryness suffered by children repeatedly wiping their noses.
This review paper gives brief information on wipes, their applications, their advantages and also about wiping fabric technologies.
Also on the subject of sustainability were Suominen Nonwovens' Arto Kovalainen and Henri Laitervo with Sustainable Nonwovens and Wiping Options.
While much of this centers around baby care, which is reportedly exploding in developed regions, certainly there have been some great wiping product introductions within the personal care market.
In the B2B businesses, K-C has leveraged its proprietary nonwovens technology to create a portfolio of high margin wiping products.