wiped out

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wiped (out)

1. and wiped over mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Oh, man! I’m really wiped.
2. mod. [of a person or creature] exhausted. I’m so wiped out that I just want to go home and go to bed.
3. mod. broke. Medical bills left us totally wiped out.
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And Wigan wiped out the memory of last week's 54-16 record home thrashing by St Helens with a spectacular seven-try show.
After a war between nations, military resources are wiped out and the powerful multinational corporations unite to take control and exploit other resources in the galaxy.
There was also a dramatic effect on the Tote Placepot as that race, leg three of the bet, saw 95 per cent of the remaining pounds 20,000 wiped out.
THE FTSE 100 closed down again yesterday, as fresh concerns about the euro debt crisis wiped out earlier gains.
45am the next day the whole family had been wiped out at their home in the tiny village of Clonroche, Co Wexford.
In many cases the 'discounts' are completely wiped out for those who cannot pay off the balance in full every month.
Conveniently forgotten is Hal's parent unit, wiped out in the same action.
There was plenty to holler about from the seventh inning on, when the JetHawks wiped out a 12-2 Rancho Cucamonga Quakes lead to force extra innings.