wipe the floor with

wipe the floor with somebody

  (British, American & Australian) also mop the floor with somebody (American)
to defeat someone easily Alex is always really good in a debate, she'll wipe the floor with them.
See also: floor, wipe
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At this minute we are not capable of being like Spain, of being able to wipe the floor with somebody.
Things are difficult for us and we aren't at this minute capable of being like Spain, of being able to wipe the floor with people.
France will wipe the floor with them so buy their supremacy at 1.
According to the Mirror, the former skipper believes the host's lengthy list of injuries will make it easier than ever for England to wipe the floor with their fiercest rivals.
Having had Jim from Canada wipe the floor with him on the subject of people in the West's (in)ability to criticise and even "insult" their leaders, including "royalty," he now trots out the tried-and-tested "killer argument": The Zionist bogeyman.
Iolo is fed up of seeing Sioned wipe the floor with Scott so he reveals the truth that Macs and Sioned slept together.
But on this showing in a London park - watched by Paul's wife Debbie McGee, 51 - it's more likely other contestants will wipe the floor with them.
Derek, the largely ineffectual husband, leaves the women to sort it out among themselves in the most dignified way possible: a protracted cat fight complete with hair-pulling, kicks to the face and Beyonc promising, "I'm gonna wipe the floor with you - who's screaming now?
This will become painfully clear when the show starts and Amanda finds a role for Kelly - as something handy to wipe the floor with.
Despite the worldwide popularity of Chris Martin's group, the rocker insists Oasis are still the best band on the planet and wipe the floor with their rivals.
It will undoubtedly sell well but I can't help feeling that a stripped-down version with less equipment and a price tag of just under pounds 13,000 would simply wipe the floor with the opposition.
Only if you've ever watched real ballroom competitions, you'd know that the amazingly athletic and graceful pros could wipe the floor with this movie's young actors/models and their streetwise pretensions.
The 25-year-old stacks shelves to fund his ambitions and wants to wipe the floor with Connell in Glasgow.
His form on the green baize this season has been exceptional and he should wipe the floor with a much less talented opponent.
Since Sunday, when she used vicious, well placed words to wipe the floor with her daughter-in-law from hell.