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Against this demand, no winking a la Weisglass or verbal gimmicks a la Peres will be of any avail.
Suggestive winking was generally used to snare a date in lower social circles in the past.
Jill said: "This winking shows that one is stepping into the realm of the forbidden.
This is one of the most ancient forms of winking as it used to tell people what to do.
Twork, 42, won a recent A&W online contest: "What I'd do to get a Winking Bear Mug.
We received a lot of interesting entries in our 'What I'd do to get a Winking Bear Mug' online contest," said Steve Provost, Chief Marketing Officer for A&W All American Food.
And once he shook a few hands with his furry paw, he was presented with his Winking Bear mug filled with frosty A&W root beer for a victory toast.
Plus, I ended up with one of the rare Winking Bear Mugs, and that's what I was after.
And the difference in design of the standard mug and the Winking Bear mug is so subtle that most people wouldn't have noticed it.
As I was putting them aside, I noticed the bear on one of the mugs was winking.
The site includes additional information about the Winking Bear mug project, and also provides a couple of last-chance opportunities for collectors who think they've missed out.
In addition, the winner of the "What I'd Do to Get a Winking Bear Mug" essay contest will receive a set of 2005 mugs - both the collectible Smiling Bear mug and the limited-edition Winking Bear mug.