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wing (one's)/its way

To fly or move at a very rapid rate. If it's dark enough, you can see satellites winging their way around the planet. We just didn't want to take so long to drive, so we're winging our way to see you instead—we'll be there tomorrow!
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winged words

highly significant or apposite words. literary
The image, taken from Homer 's Iliad, is of the words travelling as directly as arrows to their intended target.
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The PUNCTUR-GUARD Safety Winged Set for Blood Collection is being manufactured and marketed exclusively by Bio-Plexus and will be made available through the Company's current network of distributors.
Winged sets are steel hollow bore needles with attached tubing used for blood collection.
Winged sets are steel hollow bore needles with tubing attached used for blood collection.
Metz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bio-Plexus, stated, "We are pleased to have obtained this 510(k) approval as it is an essential step in bringing our new PUNCTUR-GUARD(R) Winged Set to the marketplace.
This feature, which increases an insect's chewing power, is found today only in silverfish among insects that have no wings and in many winged insects, including dragonflies.
The name, Mercury Wings, is derived from FTD's logo winged Mercury symbolizing FTD's speed of delivery.
The team's goal wasn't to design winged freaks, however.
When they transform into winged adults, they climb onto a rock, then skim to shore.
Long before birds made their debut, a group of winged reptiles called pterosaurs took to the skies as the first vertebrates endowed with the power of flight.