wind onto

wind something onto something

 and wind something on
to coil or wrap something onto something. Wind this string onto the ball and save it. If you find the ball of string, please wind on this string.
See also: wind
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Although the lake itself did not freeze over, water whipped up by gusts of driving wind onto the shore created an almost lunar landscape.
Teck's smelter in Trail, British Columbia, emitted certain hazardous substances including lead and mercury compounds through a smokestack, and those compounds were carried downwind and eventually deposited by the wind onto land and water.
In last Saturday's surprise Welsh win, the pitch cut up far worse than the Millennium Stadium has ever done, even though our stadium has a roof and very steep sides that don't allow a lot of sunshine and wind onto the grass.
The baby girl - who has been known to wake up in a screaming fit if a mouse passes wind onto a cotton ball three neighborhoods away - slept peacefully through the entire episode.
Sadly most of the damage was in the area of the public swimming area of Ta Bania, although a lot of rubbish and debris was thrown by the sea and the wind onto other Paphos beaches.
Remove the screwdriver while you keep pressure on the pulley with your finger, and gradually let the rope wind onto the wheel.
Please phone me on 07766 025798 Derek Lea Via email MR NEALE (Letters Nov 26) rightly points out that emptied wheelie bins are prone to being blown over by the wind onto the road.
During their visit, students learnt how the architecture of the BWTC's elliptical shaped towers, acting as aerofoils, funnels and accelerates the wind onto the turbines thereby further exploiting the unobstructed prevailing onshore breeze from the adjacent Gulf coast to provide a renewable source of energy for the building.
Known as compressed air energy storage, the system will significantly enhance the integration of wind onto an electrical grid, because one of wind's most annoying characteristics is that it blows hardest and most energetically when it's least needed or wanted.
It will wind onto tubes, spools or taper end packages and comes complete with individual drives for feed rolls and twist unit.
Power stations throughout Europe burn the same amount of fuel on windy days as they do on windless days, in fact as wind fluctuates (hunts) from instant to instant any power they supply follow these fluctuations, so that conventional stations, that had been instructed to allow subsidised wind onto the grid, have to burn the same amount of fuel simply to provide the back-up to cancel out this instability.
Having just double-bogeyed the short 14th to go from four ahead to only two, he crunched a drive and three-wood into the "howling" wind onto the green and two-putted for birdie.
He was out of his dug-out gesturing angrily at referee Furnandiz just after the interval demanding a penalty when a high ball dropped in the swirling wind onto the arm of wing back Gooden.
According to NACE, raffinate is sprayed from tanker trucks, producing an arc 45 feet high that gets carried by the wind onto public roads and private property.