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(the good) Lord willing and the creek don't rise

rural If all goes as it should; if everything goes well. We've had a lot of delays, but Lord willing and the creek don't rise, we should have the house finished before winter. A: "Do you reckon we'll have enough from this harvest to make ends meet?" B: "The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise."
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willing and able

A phrase used to describe someone who is ready or capable of doing something I think Nicky is finally willing and able to go back to school. It's fine, my mom is totally willing and able to lend me a few bucks.
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Barkis is willin'

A phrase emphasizing one's availability and/or openness to a situation. It refers to Mr. Barkis, a character in Charles Dickens' novel David Copperfield, who used the phrase to express his interest in marriage. A: "Are you ready for the race today?" B: "Oh yeah! Barkis is willin'!"

ready and willing

Prepared and inclined to do something. We'll be there, ornaments in hand, ready and willing to help you decorate! If you're going to join this firm, you have to be ready and willing to work long hours and weekends.
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willing horse

One who is ready and eager to work. Mark is a willing horse, so we can definitely get him to do this stupid project.
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God willing.

If God wants it to happen. (An expression indicating that there is a high certainty that something will happen, so high that only God could prevent it.) John: Please try to be on time. Alice: I'll be there on time, God willing. Bob: Will I see you after your vacation? Mary: Of course, God willing.
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God willing and the creek don't rise

 and Lord willing and the creek don't rise
Rur. If all goes well. Tom: Will you be able to get the house painted before the cold weather sets in? Jane: Yes, God willing and the creek don't rise. We'll be able to visit our daughter for Christmas, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.
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ready, willing, and able

Cliché eager or at least willing [to do something]. If you need someone to help you move furniture, I'm ready, willing, and able. Fred is ready, willing, and able to do anything you ask him.
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The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Prov. People cannot always do what they know they ought to do.; People are not always physically capable of doing what they are willing to do. (Biblical.) Alan: Have you started the diet your doctor recommended? Fred: The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
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ready, willing, and able

Well prepared and eager to do something, as in Any time you want me to babysit, I'm ready, willing, and able.
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spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, the

One would like to undertake something but hasn't the energy or strength to do so. For example, Another set of tennis? The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Today often used as a rueful admission of weariness or other physical weakness, this idiom was first recorded in the New Testament (Matthew 26:41), where Jesus tells his disciples: "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." A modern equivalent is I would if I could but I can't.
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God willing and the creek don’t rise

phr. & comp. abb. If we are lucky. I’ll be there, GWATCDR.
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