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a (lone) voice in the wilderness

also a voice (crying) in the wilderness
someone who expresses an idea or opinion that is not popular For many years, she was a lone voice in the wilderness who wrote about the need for better urban planning.
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a (lone) voice in the wilderness

  also a voice crying in the wilderness
if you are a voice in the wilderness, you are the only person expressing a particular opinion, although later other people understand that you were right With her passionate pleas for peace, she was a lone voice in the wilderness.
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in the wilderness

someone, especially a politician, who is in the wilderness, does not now have the power or influence that they had before He spent several years in the political wilderness after conservatives objected to his attempts to reform the police.
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The Yellowstone wildfires were a symptom of a far more serious problem-the profound deterioration in vegetation and wildlife in National Parks and Wildernesses due to a lack of scientific management.
President Reagan owns the record for signing the most laws designating new wildernesses - 43 in total.
See FOCUS section beginning on page 36 for more about BLM Wildernesses.
Elsewhere in northern California, only two other wildernesses require permits at this time: in the Trinity Alps Wilderness, day-hikers and overnighters; in Lassen Volcanic National Park, overnighters.
But the Cohutta is different from other Wildernesses.
Land managers must advise the states about whether new, large air-pollution sources will adversely impact air-quality-related values in Wildernesses.
BLM wildlands are different-starker, dryer, closer to people than traditional Wildernesses.