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Keywords: Interality, interology, wilderness therapy, a middle place, ecopsychology, ecofeminism
By enacting the Wilderness Act of 1964, Congress preserved certain areas containing mainly higher-elevation forests or rock and ice above timberline.
In recent years, amalgamated programmes have united under the auspices of groups such as the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS, www.
This book provides expert explanations and guidance from outstanding world experts about how to recognize and face medical challenges that arise in the wilderness and other resource-limited locations, said Paul S.
Researchers said that it's time for international policies to recognize the value of wilderness areas and to address the unprecedented threats they face.
In direct contrast to this view, many people (especially in the environmental community) have alleged that large federal land holdings and protected areas such as wilderness generate economic growth.
This new-concept "art camp" features 4 and 7 day programs that are designed to take people with little or no artistic experience and introduce them to painting using wilderness and all of its elements as inspiration.
Synopsis: "Glimpses of Wilderness" by Kevin Proescholdt shares the author's insights into the nature and value of wilderness areas.
Today, 50 years after the Wilderness Act became law, there are 758 wilderness areas in the United States, totaling roughly 109 million acres.
Jelferson Wilderness boundary sign and a vague indentation where the trail had been.
On a Saturday in July 1923, the irrepressible wilderness enthusiast Bob Marshall was doing what he liked best: tramping through the wild Adirondacks.
Preservation and management of wilderness areas in the United States is governed in part by the Wilderness Act.
Dear EarthTalk: I understand there is an effort underway to allow all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, motorbikes, motorboats and other motorized vehicles into wilderness areas, which would overturn a long-standing ban.
WALKING UP THE OLD, FAMILIAR trail into Oregon's Eagle Cap Wilderness, I was anxious.
Travel Business Review-April 13, 2011--Frontier Airlines Announces Partnership with The Wilderness Society(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.