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He would always say: "Security would be achieved not by tightness but by wideness.
An ideal test might be in between: abstract enough to be objective and as culture-free as possible but so close to music that interests and sufficient wideness of scope are maintained" (Karma 1973:6).
Ascending octaves also reflect the wideness of the retrospect of "the perfected Life" that is affirmed a Soul when the past "props" fall away.
It has been chosen due to its comprehensiveness and wideness as well as a clear practical application.
The deity must establish his or her name but also attest to the wideness of their power over their people.
Then at last I came to Battery Park and Castle Clinton, and beyond, a wideness of sky and bay.
Three fifties of fosterlings could engage with handball against the wideness of his backside, which was large enough to halt the march of men through a mountain-pass.
During the distribution of communion, members of the choir sang an arrangement of the words - 'There's a wideness in God's mercy'.
A comparison against a multidimensional metamodel that uses XLink for the financial area is given in Section 5, showing the proposed solution wideness, and finally, conclusions are presented in Section 6.
The wideness and validity of value can only be established through logic.
Therefore, this wideness is measured by density of the biological diversity or biodiversity/bioversity.
The steel products will have a wideness of 750 meters to 1,600 meters.
Faber wrote: "There's a wideness in God's mercy, like the wideness of the sea; There's a kindness in His justice, which is more than liberty.
Another advantage of using waste materials is that children learn how to recycle these materials while they gain a sense of texture, shape, weight, wideness and space.
Like a cupid, he prepares the way for love to blossom, and it is this chthonic love that brings the farmer pleasure; when the soil's health is achieved, the farmer's own life is given "a wideness / and a delight" (10-11).