broaden horizons

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broaden/widen somebody's horizons

to increase the range of things that someone knows about, has experienced, or is able to do This trip to the Far East has certainly broadened our family's horizons.
See also: broaden, horizon
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The Information Ministry's General Director concluded by saying, "Our journey towards change is possible through the mass media which has proven to be a powerful tool to widen horizons, focus attention, raise aspirations, and also create a climate for development.
This week holds chances to widen horizons and achieve an ambition.
From recalling the momentous events of extraordinary time--the larger than life events that changed the direction of life and history for our forebears in the faith--to remembrances of faithfulness during the less dramatic rhythms of ordinary time, these texts both widen horizons and offer solid ground.
In signing this agreement with the Emirates Marine Environmental Group, AUD is strengthening its commitment to excellence in teaching and learning by offering its community of students and scholars the opportunity to widen horizons through research, curriculum enhancement and applied knowledge.
He hoped that the upcoming visit to Baghdad by the Iranian first vice-president would widen horizons of mutual cooperation and help put agreements into effect at the earliest.
Company business planning director Esam Zainal, who accepted the award, said Zain believed the fast-evolving telecoms technology would widen horizons and introduce them to ways of incorporating new trends into people's lives.
Taking a holistic approach, Longridge ensures pupils enjoyed a well-rounded education, encompassing both academic achievement and an Enrichment Programme designed to widen horizons, help prepare pupils for the challenges of life beyond school.
don't you think too much human energy goes back into humanity; and the farmers who subdue the earth, the scientists who widen horizons, even the merely contemplative person admiring the mountain: have chosen a better way?
But books go further - they widen horizons, open doors to new experiences and help combat the stress of everyday life.
THE new moon opens a door to an exciting plan to widen horizons, see more of the world, learn something that'll be good for you.
You will surprise folk by branching out, as Jupiter bids you to travel to widen horizons.
Women are making a real difference in Wales and last week's supplement on women in business will, I am sure, build confidence and widen horizons.
You'll travel, widen horizons and perhaps add a few strings to your bow through training.
I think the purpose of giving a talk is to widen horizons to force us to think.
The conference, held for 85 young people, aged 15 and 16, aimed to boost confidence, widen horizons and show what they are capable of achieving through education.