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Morris's most personal and revealing work to date; television has rarely seemed more multiplex, inelegant, and wide awake.
When I lie here in bed, wide awake, wondering why I didn't pass or run or kick in such and such situations, I know that I am bonded with at least 75,000 other people out there in bed who are wondering about that very thing, and I am overcome by a great feeling of fellowship.
Wide Awake is the tale of a 10-year-old boy whose life changes at the start of grade five.
Shopzilla, a leading shopping search site, recently conducted a study on online shopping habits and found that while most of us are asleep, 4 percent of online shoppers are wide awake after midnight to 6 a.
Kirsty Young on Tom Jones "UKIP if you want to but I am staying wide awake and my waking nightmare is a chap called Ed Miliband.
45am but wide awake and so excited to play Venice Beach.
Liberty Institute Attorney Cheers On Heroism of Kountze ISD Cheerleaders and Parents during Wide Awake Rally Tonight at 7 PM
Katy Perry - Wide Awake WRITTEN for her upcoming documentary film, Katy Perry: Part Of Me, this heartfelt, honest ballad seems to be a reflection of events in her personal life.
Teachers reported that despite the night wear, all the pupils stayed wide awake for all their lessons.
The 2009 X Factor winner got an audience of around 250 toe-tapping to hits from his debut 2010 Wide Awake album, with favourites including Don't Stop Believing, Ambitions and Smile.
This is when you're in bed, wide awake, listening to your other-half snoring away.
The pinnacle of the gig came when Wide Awake rang round the academy.
The band, who shot to fame with the single Wide Awake when it was released in March this year, hail from Quinton and are supporters of the festival, which aims to showcase new talent.
Like a magic wand it reduces lines, wrinkles and puffiness, while lifting and firming the skin around the eyes to give an instant wide awake look.
Having missed his script deadline again, he is wide awake at 4.
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