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4 : measured across or at right angles to length <The cloth is three feet wide.
World Wide Packets pioneered the adoption of Ethernet-based access networks.
Box 9627 Kansas City, MO 64134-0627 (816) 966-4000 World Wide Web Address: http://www.
Many systems need to have multiple generations of SCSI attached, some examples are Wide Ultra and Fast Wide SCSI high speed disks operating with CD-ROMs, CD-R, CD-RW, tape drives, removable media, and scanners that are Fast SCSI.
The World Wide Web standards on which an Intranet is based become a kind of inexpensive interface gateway, allowing any corporate application to communicate electronically with any other corporate application.
Market wide, the average sales prices for one bedrooms and studios saw drops of 3 percent and 2 percent respectively.
The NLM has a Medline service on the World Wide Web.