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wicked tongue

The tendency to speak maliciously. Watch out for Ben—he has a wicked tongue and will probably say something upsetting before the night is over, Can't you say anything nice? You have such a wicked tongue!
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No rest for the wicked.

Fig. It's because you are wicked that you have to work hard. (Usually jocular.) A: I can't seem to ever get all my work done. B: No rest for the wicked.
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have your wicked way with somebody

to have sex with someone He invited her to France for the weekend, thinking he would have his wicked way with her.
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There's no peace/rest for the wicked!

something that you say which means you must continue an activity although you might like to stop I can't talk - I've got to finish this essay. There's no rest for the wicked.
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mod. excellent; impressive; cool. (Also in compounds, wicked smart, wicked cool, etc.) Now this is what I call a wicked guitar.

wicked bad

mod. really quite good. (Bad has a long history of being used as an intensifier. Wicked here is a synonym of the intensifier bad.) Man, this stuff is wicked bad.
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no rest for the wicked

Perpetual torment. We are told in Isaiah 57:21 that “there is no peace, saith my God to the wicked.” The phrase is often said as “no rest for the weary” and heard as a mild complaint in labor-intensive situations.
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Stephen Rhys Johnson HE made me laugh at his wickedness and non-conformism.
Jones said that Biblical plagues were contagious diseases that were caused by changes in people's lifestyles as the first cities sprang up and Noah's flood was not God's response to human wickedness but was more likely due to the end of the Ice Age.
In his message on Yaum-i-Ashur, he said that Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), members of his family and his faithful companions fought against impiety and wickedness and rendered the supreme sacrifice by emrassing martyrdom.
Wicked: Urch Sentencing him, Judge John Potter said six of the charges "reflect acts of sexual abuse of three children on a regular, at least weekly basis, during which these children were subjected to gross acts of deviant wickedness or encouragement from you to become involved in such acts for your own perverted sexual gratification".
The other - such as one parent killing the children out of revenge to the other parent - is down to an extreme form of wickedness.
In his message on Youm-e-Ashur, he said that Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), members of his family and his faithful companions fought against wickedness and rendered the supreme sacrifice by embracing martyrdom.
Let sinners become whole, and let wickedness be no more.
But the substance of the book is that there is a distinction between evil and wickedness which is 'more than an intellectual quibble', and more to both than the mere inappropriate behaviour sometimes reproved and always explained by social workers and other disciples of Rousseau.
I HAD rather be a door-keeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.
And when it happens let's all pray that our barmy legal system - just for once - hands out a sentence that truly reflects the sheer wickedness of the crime.
She described the armour needed to fight against deceit, lies, unbelief, violence, wickedness and despair.
A MAN who murdered his boss and tried to kill three other people "in acts of callous wickedness, cruelty and inhumanity" was sentenced to life in prison yesterday.
Now, add to those two monsters of the past century all the warmongers of history whose greed and wickedness disposed of countless millions of human beings.
Something wicked this way comes; essays on evil and human wickedness.
A spokesman for the centre said: "An experiment to separate virtue from wickedness in his own nature results in the respectable Dr Jekyll releasing the demon within.