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No rest for the wicked.

Fig. It's because you are wicked that you have to work hard. (Usually jocular.) A: I can't seem to ever get all my work done. B: No rest for the wicked.
See also: rest, wicked

have your wicked way with somebody

to have sex with someone He invited her to France for the weekend, thinking he would have his wicked way with her.
See also: have, way, wicked

There's no peace/rest for the wicked!

something that you say which means you must continue an activity although you might like to stop I can't talk - I've got to finish this essay. There's no rest for the wicked.
See also: peace


mod. excellent; impressive; cool. (Also in compounds, wicked smart, wicked cool, etc.) Now this is what I call a wicked guitar.

wicked bad

mod. really quite good. (Bad has a long history of being used as an intensifier. Wicked here is a synonym of the intensifier bad.) Man, this stuff is wicked bad.
See also: bad, wicked

no rest for the wicked

Perpetual torment. We are told in Isaiah 57:21 that “there is no peace, saith my God to the wicked.” The phrase is often said as “no rest for the weary” and heard as a mild complaint in labor-intensive situations.
See also: rest, wicked
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I refer to the "hoodie thug" who wickedly threw Sheila Wilson's pet dog 30ft in the air after she told him she had no money to give him.
The results are as wickedly wonderful as the writings of the defrocked 13th century Bavarian monks whose bawdy poems the music is based upon.
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