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There are straightforward explanations of simple rites and gestures, like when and why to bow during the Amidah.
Mima's Young People's Co-ordinator, Helen Wickens, said: "The Wonder Whys is not only a way to make great friends, it's also an opportunity for young people to work with established artists and gain exclusive experience of working with a range of exciting local projects.
For the whys, I'll dig into their specific goals to compel them to put substance behind their vision.
Fortunately, as Secretary Sibelius and so many of you show every day, our field is pretty good about remembering the whys that keep us, and those we serve, conquering the latest hows.
Time has a nasty tendency to leave the whys of the matter unanswered.
Price includes: return coach from a range of local pickup points, return channel crossings, two nights accommodation at a two-star hotel within easy reach of Disneyland Resort Paris on a bed and breakfast basis, One Day Ticket to Disneyland Park, whys not upgrade your ticket to a One Day Hopper Ticket which entitles you to unlimited admission to both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park?
A rigorous testing of the whys and wherefores of this decision must be done and the details shared with the public.
He provides a concise account of the when whys and wheres of wall building dispatching the still-enduring myths of a single wall built at a single time or in a single style to block the northern nomads; he tracks the Wall's early presentation in Western cartography and narrative; he presents remarkable William Edgar Geil (1865-1925) the pioneer of Wall exploration and reportage; and by re-photographing seventy-two significant sites he gives us a very timely history of the destruction of many fine Wall towers and structures--all of which he accomplishes in clean prose and unrivaled photos and reproductions.
BAKEWISE: THE HOWS AND WHYS OF SUCCESSFUL BAKING is a highly recommended pick for home cooks who like to bake, would-be bakers, and libraries catering to them; especially at the public lending library level.
A baskXet (eggs) eggs in a basket QuestYYYions (whys) (whys) whys in a question Z ?
The potential impact she has in helping educators learn the hows and whys of phonics is unequivocal.
HERE we are again with the Tories, Liberals, BBC and media demanding another inquiry into the whys and wherefores of the above saga.
I subscribe to and read Women's Review of Books with a many-year devotion, gleaning its pages for the information about the whys and ways of the world through the eyes of women.
Both of these simply outstanding and very highly recommended cookbooks for kids are enhanced with a 'Science Corner' that explains the hows and whys of cooking and backing, and a 'Troubleshooting' section which identifies potential problems with ways to avoid or fix them.
Modern Agent's Editor in Chief James Shillinglaw, CTC, sorts out the whys and wherefores of the situation.