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Athanasian wench

obsolete A derogatory term for a lascivious woman who readily has sex with any man who asks for it. Taken from the Athanasian Creed, an early Christian statement of belief from at least the 6th century, the opening words of which are quicunque vult , or "whosoever wishes." Sir, how dare you. I am not one of your Athanasian wenches, ready to indulge your lust at a moment's notice!

attention whore

A derogatory term for someone who seeks attention in desperate, obvious, or inappropriate ways. Although it is gender neutral, it is more often used against women. Why do you always act that way at parties? It's like you're an attention whore or something.
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link whore

Internet slang (possibly offensive) A person who makes constant and conspicuous efforts to drive Internet traffic to their own webpage by posting links to it across other areas of the Internet. There are so many link whores filling this forum with garbage posts that it's become nearly unreadable.
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link whoring

Internet slang (possibly offensive) The practice of making constant and conspicuous efforts to drive Internet traffic to one's own webpage by posting links to it across other areas of the Internet. The link whoring that goes on in this forum has made it nearly unreadable in recent times.
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whore out

1. vulgar slang To exploit someone's body for paid sexual interactions with others; to force someone into prostitution. A noun or pronoun can be used between "whore" and "out." It was when I realized that he was trying to whore me out that I finally sought help to get out of that horrible relationship. It is widely known that drug cartel has been whoring out girls from the local villages.
2. vulgar slang To make one's services or abilities available to someone else for payment, especially in a way that compromises or goes against one's personal ethics or principles. A noun or pronoun can be used between "whore" and "out." He was a really promising artist, until he started whoring himself out to corporate clients. We do not whore our staff's talents out to other firms.
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once a priest, always a priest

1. Once a man chooses to become a priest of the church, especially the Catholic church, it must remain his vocation for the rest of his life. You must weigh this decision carefully, Tom, for it is not one to be made lightly. Once a priest, always a priest.
2. A person who dedicated their life to serving God as part of the clergy will always retain certain tendencies and values gained from that position, even if they leave later on in life. I left the church a few years ago, but I still find myself examining what happens in my life and adapting it into sermons, of sorts. Once a priest, always a priest, I suppose.
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Once a priest, always a priest,

 and Once a whore, always a whore.
Prov. A person who has done a certain kind of job will always have the characteristics of people who do that job, even after he or she no longer does that kind of work. (This can be applied to many different occupations.) Alan: My cousin left the clergy, but boy! He still preaches at me all the time. Jane: Once a priest, always a priest, huh?
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whore out

1. Slang To make someone's services available in a way that compromises one's principles for personal gain: In order to earn money, the Shakespearean actor whored himself out to amusement parks. The literary agency whored out its talent to ghostwrite books.
2. Vulgar Slang To make someone's body available for sexual relations in exchange for payment.
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and puck bunny
n. a kind of groupie that follows hockey players. (Puck bunny is a play on fuck bunny.) She doesn’t like the game, she’s just a hockey-whore. Just a cheap, skanky puck bunny, that’s her!