whopping great

whopping (great)

mod. enormous. What a whopping fool he is!
See also: great, whopping
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No meal is complete without a whopping great dessert.
There's a distinct British flair, what with the Iron Age hill forts, and knightly regalia, manticores, ogres, allies beaming into your aid from another dimension and, of course, whopping great dragons.
They've all been thrown together and put into a pair of whopping great big motorhomes to see how they get on as they drive across Blighty to explore some pretty fine tourist hotspots.
A whopping great pot of artery-battering richness had been created out of molten Cheddar, Gruyere and parmesan.
The Prime Minister said she needed a whopping great majority in the House of Commons for people in Brussels to give her a good deal on Brexit.
But defending barrister Tania Griffiths said that there may have been Oscar winning performances - but said those who "told whopping great lies" knew how to tell them.
She's certainly sitting on a whopping great secret and seems not afraid to use it to get Shirley to do exactly what she wants.
We can't all boast whopping great windows like these, but pale recesses will help reflect light into the room.
It offers all the benefits of being part of a large future chain without that whopping great price tag, and with flexibility as to how you will run your own business.
And it's a whopping great wobbly but - no matter the result, Olympiacos will finish third in Group B.
Spurs chairman Daniel Levy was already looking forward to appointing Brendan Rodgers when he thought his manager was off to the England job with a whopping great compensation settlement heading to White Hart Lane.
The wife of footballer Peter Crouch admitted that she owns a whopping great collection of bikinis, favouring brands such as Milly, Missoni and Maya.
A recent cheap "supper" - for in Nigella Land it is always supper, not "dinner," and never ghastly "tea" - she made a dish containing whopping great king prawns, squid, clams and stuff.
Son had a whopping great roasted field mushroom topped with Stilton in Guinness; I had melon with berry sorbet and coulis; childrenin-law chose soup of the day - homemade, creamed wild mushroom with garlic and herbs.