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Molly whop (one)

To strike, slap, or slam into one, either once or repeatedly; to wallop one. The term is sometimes hyphenated, and sometimes both, or neither, "Molly" and "whop" are capitalized. I'm gonna Molly-whop you if you don't shut your mouth! The car sped through the red life and Molly Whopped van that had started to drive forward.
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whopping (great)

mod. enormous. What a whopping fool he is!
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USA], Feb 19 ( ANI ): The Disney-Marvel movie 'Black Panther' has received the fifth-biggest opening of all time by raking in a whopping $192 million in the debut weekend.
Acting secretary Amitabh took a whopping Rs65,04,124 lakh on air tickets and Rs42.
In a typical delivery Twycross receives a whopping 35kg of meat - which is divided up between the Amur leopards, snow leopards and the dhole, a type of wild dog.
Jasmin packed three suitcases and Bobby's bags were a whopping four kilos overweight.
The rupee today plunged by a whopping 130 paise to hit life-time low of 60 against the US dollar in early trade on the Interbank Foreign Exchange on strong demand for the American currency from banks and importers.
Summary: Chefs in Mexico City make a huge sandwich weighing a whopping 700 kg.
if you want the fully kitted-out version it will set you back a whopping pounds 14,000.
Made in India, but modelled on the Palm Jumeirah Islands, the Palm Jewel Carpet, is embedded with precious stones, and is on sale for a whopping $2 million.
Summary: An Emirati splurged a whopping 24 million dirhams ($6.
Summary: The UK Public Sector Net Borrowing report is expected to show that the government deficit expanded by a whopping 17.
A new survey reveals that a whopping 77 percent of immigrants from the Former Soviet Union support the transfer of Arabs out of the Jewish State.
Yet just yards away the department in charge of sorting out Northern Ireland's housing crisis is splashing out a whopping pounds 300,000 on an art sculpture.
On the menu was a whopping Wahoo - a snub-nosed swordfish from the Indian Ocean.
My partner Michael, a Man United season ticket holder, has just paid a whopping pounds 900 for an FA Cup final ticket.
Far better, he says, would be cod-liver oil, with "a whopping 1,360 [international units of vitamin D] per tablespoon.