who needs

who needs something

what was mentioned is not important or helpful I wouldn't do it for the money - who needs money?
Usage notes: often used in the forms who needs it or who needs that: My wife suggested therapy, but I've always thought, therapy, who needs it? He never returned my phone calls - who needs that?
Related vocabulary: you don't need this
See also: needs, who
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Not be enamored with building the platform and then thinking later about how we're going to get the results of that platform, whatever it is, to the person who needs it the most, making the platform less important than the effect.
They are made for the mobile professional who needs to keep appointments, check e-mail and receive faxes, but doesn't need a fullblown laptop.
There are those who need to access information while on the road, and those who need to create it," says Seybold.
Mobile professionals who need to create, edit and present files and applications while on the road are bettter off with a laptop.
Recording the information assumes that the language used has a standardized meaning, one that is reproducible by the provider, who makes the record, and the next provider, who needs to interpret the record.