who's counting?

but who's counting

A phrase dismissing the quantity of something just mentioned. Can be used in a passive-aggressive manner (because someone is obviously counting if they can readily enumerate something). A: "Well, you've only worked three hours this week, but who's counting?" B: "I'm sorry, sir, but I've been sick all week." I've had four pieces of candy, but who's counting? Pass me another!
See also: but, count

who’s ˈcounting?

(informal) used to say that you do not care how many times something happens: I’ve been late for school three times this week — but who’s counting?
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He won just 10 legs all night, but when you've won 123 out of 136 contests at the world championship, who's counting?
The great dame Gilda Fernando has celebrated another birthday, but who's counting?
I know it's vintage wallpaper that they don't print any more and that we only just about have enough to get up to the end of the landing, but, hey, who's counting?
Well, actually this will be her fifth 'big day', but who's counting?
St Patrick 's Day doesn't actually take place until tomorrow but who's counting?
There might be a couple of million here or there separating them, but who's counting?
That was the 20th straight defeat for Oregon in the streak, but who's counting?
There are, apparently, some 600 "subtle" changes to the face-lifted Mazda6 - a few weeks back it was "over 400", but who's counting?
You have caused Israel to be in the corner and lost more and more strongholds of support and understanding every day, but who's counting?
The Racing Post website revealed that Stringsofmyheart was, in fact, 'only' her 30th winner of 2008, and 'just' her 11th from 42 runners on turf, but who's counting?
A*CounterPunchThe American dead hits 4,000, But who's counting?
NPCA has addressed the need to monitor the impact of subsistence hunting in its August 2006 report, Who's Counting?
She plans to attend the Annual Conference in San Antonio, making it Conference number 18, but who's counting?
I made aliyah 10 months, two weeks, five days and, oh, about seven hours ago, but who's counting?
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