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B Masters, Oldbury Birmingham Mail, September 28, 1991 While I am not saying all caravanners are whiter than white, there are some car
As GBR members we must not only be transparent but we must be whiter than white as cautioned by Former British Prime Minister Tony Blaire.
Even if it is because we are whiter than white because we live in darkness half the year that doesn't really explain why we are No2 in the UK tanning league after Wolverhampton, of all places.
MP's were aware they needed someone whiter than white to defeat the Bill.
She was absolutely whiter than white - an innocent.
It was a case of scrubbing brush, washboard and posser in a zinc tub with plenty of elbow grease to get your whites whiter than white.
People who are in high positions have to be whiter than white and if any of the allegations that have been flying about are proven then people have to suffer the consequences.
I assume our honourable councillor is whiter than white.
Sport has to be whiter than white and that is the plan.
He's made out like he's got this whiter than white image but he's no saint.
As the man who has the role of overseeing the policing of MPs' expenses, Mr Martin should be whiter than white.
By appealing to the poor vote he is elected State Governor, but he's hardly whiter than white himself.
Yes they can plead that in fact they were showing that they were whiter than white, but you can be just as sure that there will be others who are saying - how can you allow people like this to invest in an American airline?
When Blair won office he highlighted all the sleaze in the Tory ranks and promised New Labour would be whiter than white.
Procter & Gamble has landed rival Lever Faberge in hot water with advertising watchdogs after complaining that an ad for Persil failed to prove whiter than white.